July 1, 2012

Weaving Workshop

Weaving workshop continues on into the fifth week. My first sampler project is now finished and off the loom. It turned out great for a sampler. Last week we worked on the final project of our choice. My project is Sakiori weaving (rag weaving) using my Eco-dyed silk. I also Eco-dyed the warp thread with oak leaves. There are many steps in dressing the loom. Sadly I have forgotten a few steps since my first project. With the help from the teacher I'm on my way to weaving my second project.

There were nine students in class, but only six of us finished the samplers at the last workshop. Here is a lovely display of our work. They are long enough for  scarves, so I added fringes on mine.

I wore it to work the next day and got lots of compliments about it. Have you tried to photograph yourself? Not easy, but I managed to get a decent photo to show you.

The warp threads were threaded through the heddles in my last workshop for my next project. It took forever! I nearly got cross eyed threading them. I am happy to say I completed the threading by the end of the lesson.

At the beginning of rag weaving. Still playing with the colour. 

Almost at the end of the warp threads 

Here is the finished project, happy!

I can keep the loom for two more weeks after the end of the workshop, but not without a load of homework to do. The ecodyed fabric I've chosen to use for the project is the one that didn't have too many patterns on it, but still has enough natural colour to make it interesting. I read somewhere on Saori's website about the philosophy of weaving that, you are weaving for the moment. It's so true! While you are weaving you can only see what in front of you. The design is in your mind eye. I love that! 

I would have time for another project using some yarn I already got. Then I realised that I would need a warping board to measure out the warp yarn! Uh, problem! No, problem, I can use my  bar stools as a warping board. It took a bit longer, but I got plenty of exercise walking back and forth 120 times until I finished warping the yarn. Improvisation was needed here, and that is my strong points. 

Here it is the warping yarn finished and ready to put on the loom. I will be using the same yarn for weaving as well. I'm doing this single handed without the teachers help so wish me luck!

It's simple right (not). Not having the right tools didn't help either. Once all the warp threads were threaded through the heddles and reed I realised I skipped one slot on the reed! For my own sake I undid the section and rethread it again. 
I only have a week to weave it before I have to return the loom. 

I took my friend Sophia to Ziguzagu last weekend and the sale was on at Ziguzagu. Everything was discounted. Cheaper than getting them from Japan uh! I found five of these plates that I loved. I just love the moon on it. I also found the platter in blue and white checks (another 'must have'). 

Some 'must have' scrap silk and an unfinished linen workman kimono with old indigo lining. Such a great find. I bought a piece of kumihimo and a piece of silk to make a bag and some silk for dyeing. We had a great day and ended our trip at a 'spud bar' for lunch. 

The weather in Melbourne has been cold and rainy almost the whole of June, but after 10 years of drought and water restrictions for years we do appreciate having rain to replenish our water reservoirs. 

Until next time

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