July 29, 2012

Bojagi Update

I started making this bojagi at the beginning of this year for DGD's fourth birthday. I put it away while I was busy with other stuff. After reading Lis's blog on bojagi, it inspired me to get it out and work on it again.

I got a few more books on bojagi out from my library to get inspired and to get ideas for the next piece. In these books there were antique pieces of bojagi that you can only see in museums or exhibitions in Korea. 

Some of the fabric I used in the piece were eco-dyed silk dyed using mulberries. Other fabric was from vintage kimono silk. I only have one more border to add before it is finished. 

In among the pink vintage kimono silk I came across a really fragile piece of silk with a beautiful dove. It inspired me for my next piece of bojagi. I will need more white silk to add to the fabric collection I already have for this piece. 

Here are the two books on bojagi I got out from my library. The left one was from an exhibition catalog, Natural dyed wrapping cloth exhibition, Korean Society of Asian Ethno-Forms and Korean Natural Pigments Association (1998). The right one is called Korean Costumes and Wrapping Cloths of the Choson Dynasty Profusion of Color, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, (1995).

The image above was enlarged and is displayed in the staff room in my library. It was taken from the book Bojagi's simple elegance, The Museum of Korean Embroidery, Seoul, (2004), p.247

Another image from the same book as above on p. 203. Below are more images from the above books to share with you. Enjoy...

I hope you enjoy the images of the bojagi (wrapping cloth in Korean) and they inspire you to make bojagi cloth of your own. I'm so fortunate to work in such a great library where there is an Asian section containing Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai and Cambodian collections. I have borrowed nearly every book on Japanese textiles in the collection, and the Japanese librarian is very willing to obtain any book I would like to borrow. Bojagi cloth is fun to make. You can use almost any fabric in your stash. 

Until next time

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Nedra said...

You always work with such interesting techniques. From you I have learned what bojagi is, and added a new word to my vocabulary.

Simone de Klerk said...

The images are so inspiring! Beautiful.

Notjustnat said...

Some of you had trouble leaving comments here. While I was trying to fixed it, I deleted some of the old comments, sorry! Blogger is letting us down, common!!!

KAZ said...

I'm so glad I learnt of Bojagi here. Off to buy the books if I can.

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I am curious which book the last image by Kim, Young Hee is in? THank you!

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