July 13, 2012

Off the Loom

I'm off the loom, literary. My weaving workshop is over and I returned the loom hired on Tuesday. I do feel a little lost after I finished the last project, the blue scarf. I'm pleased with myself that I completed three projects in this workshop. I made two scarves and one Sakiori rug from my eco-dyed silk. Now I have to make a decision whether I should get my own loom! My friend gave me a home made loom that he and his father built years ago, but after seeing the Saori loom, I feel it is the only loom I want. I'm going to a sheep and wool show next weekend where the Saori loom will be demonstrated. Seeing the actual loom will give me a better idea to help me make that final decision.  

On the last night of the workshop some of us brought the last projects for show and tell. I surprised my teacher with the blue scarf I made by myself. She thinks I should get an eight shaft loom. 

I started telling you about the blue scarf in my last post. After I was sure that my threading was correct I was on my way to weaving. The yarn was made of two strands of green and blue threads combined. I picked it up from a woollen mill in the country years ago. I'm so pleased I found a use for it now. 

The pattern for this weaving is called Bird's Eye. I can see the pattern better from the photograph. I have to keep taking photo of it to make sure that I didn't make any mistakes and I don't think I did from looking at it now.

I hemstitched the edge before removing the scarf from the loom. Weaving is very satisfying. The scarf feels softer than a knitted one and it hangs beautifully too. You can be very creative with weaving. Does this mean I will buy a Saori loom? Decision, decision!

A gift for Mr NJN, perfect colour to go with the jacket. A perfect gift for winter months. It's still very cold and wet here.

In the means time I will get back to work on some of my quilt projects. 

Until next time

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