August 28, 2012

End of Winter Dyeing

I had a quick weekend away to visit DGC. It was part of my surprise birthday present. The best gift any grandmother can ask for. It was great to be with them again. It was wonderful to see DGS walking. He gets into everything now of course, but he is much happier now that he can walk. 

My son is renovating his shed, he has been doing that for a while now. There was a pile of unwated materials in his yard. I am always on the look out for something. I spotted the old copper pipes he had to replace. For me it was like discovering gold. They are perfect for dyeing. I measured them and got them cut in lengths. I was worried about bringing them home on the flight, but there was no problem, I got them all home okay!

While I was still there I put together a bundle using Japanese Quince (Rosaceae) in my son's garden. I used a piece of copper to wrap it with. It will be interesting to see what colour I get. We will see.

I found a bundle of almost dried daffodils in a trash can this morning when I got to my work.  Last Friday was Daffodil Day, a charity event for the Cancer Council. I took the discarded daffodils to add to my dye bundles I was planning to do this week.

I almost forgot to take a photo of it before I rolled it up. I cut the stems of the daffodil off and only used the flowers. This is the first time I have used them. Let's hope it gives some colour. By the way I'm using silk for these bundles.

Altogether I got six bundles. I picked some eucalyptus leaves on my drive home and some other dried flowers I already have here. The rich liquid I'm steaming the bundles in was made of dried eucalyptus leaves soaked in rain water for about a month. When I was ready to use the mixture, I boiled it for about an hour. I removed all the leaves before I put the bundles in and steamed it. I feel good about how this batch will turn out, especially if I leave them over two weeks while I'm away in Thailand. I am going on a short visit to see my family and to get a bit of warm weather. 

I hope to put up a couple of posts while I'm away. I'm taking my iPad with me in the hope that Google and Mac will communicate nicely! I have been blogging with my iPad lately with the help of the Blogsy App. After I upload the images using  Blogsy app, I edit them in the Blogger application itself. It's an improvement, thank goodness...! 

Until next time


Simone de Klerk said...

What a wonderful process! And remember, this time don't take out your cloths too early ;o)
I love how you spotted the copper pipes. In the Netherlands lots of copper is stolen from railways, statues etc, since it is so expensive and people seem to be able to make money with it.
Have a great time in Thailand!

Needled Mom said...

Another birthday greeting to you, Nat.

What wonderful finds you have discovered for your dying. I can't believe that you got those pipes home!!!! I can't wait to see the results.

deanna7trees said...

love the green the copper gives. anxious to see what comes of the daffodils. i haven't had much luck with yellow flowers but haven't tried daffys. enjoy Thailand.

Nedra said...

You always create the most amazing ways to dye fabrics. I'm looking forward to the big reveal in a few weeks after you return. Have a wonderful and safe trip :)

Lis said...

Love to see your eco dyeing. Have a great trip.

Kim said...

Oh wow even the bundles look amazing......I'll be watching to see what you have created.
Silk isn't it just wonderful to work with?

Happy Sewing and safe travels

Jeannie said...

Safe travels and have fun! Your bundles are so beautiful wrapped up like that. I hope they provide you with another birthday gift, one of color filled cloth. It is interesting that our local cancer society also has daffodil Friday in the spring. Again, have a wonderful vacation!

Peggy said...

Oh, that dye pot is so gorgeous. I plan to follow how you prepped the oak leaves, starting in just a few weeks here. Thanks for explaining it, you are one of my dye gurus. Have a great time in Thailand! xx

judib said...

Have a great time in Thailand. Will you e back for the Heathen's bazaar

Judy said...

Lucky you: all of that copper! What a find, eh?!! I'm eager to see how your daffodils turn out. I have tons of them in my garden, and will try them next Spring.
What did you wrap your silk bundles in? I can't wait to see them unfurled.
Have a wonderful trip to Thailand. Where will you be going? We were there about 40 years ago - YIKES, how time flies! Beautiful country and fabulous folks!


Anne said...

It will be exciting to see the results. Thanks also for the tip for iPad blogging.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Nat....a lovely surprise for you ha ha...and how good to find that copper in the shed...You never know what lurks in peoples sheds...Have a fantasticTime in Thailand...I know you will xoxo

Terry said...

Have a wonderful visit with your family in Thailand. Looking forward to the dying. The wattle and copper should give strong greens. Happy Birthday!!

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