October 14, 2012

Ziguzagu Textile Exhibition

The opening of Ziguzagu Textile Exhibition was yesterday afternoon. It was great to see the work of 26 artists and over 100 pieces of textiles art. A few of my friends also have their work there as well. Many of my friends came to support the exhibition and enjoy the afternoon. I just realised I love going to art openings. These events give you that buzz, a thrill and excitement. It is an added bonus if you have your own work in it, and in this case I happened to have three pieces of my work included in the exhibition. I have some photos here to share with you. Please enjoy...

From left Gesela Pfab, my Facebook friend I have known for a while. It was lovely to meet her in person. Next is Jo Maindonald the co-owner of Ziguzagu/Kazari and one of the curators of the exhibition. Then Jane Rumbold, a dear friend and colleague and the last one is me. Jane is a member of my Wednesday craft group at my work. We meet on Wednesdays during our lunch break. 

This group of ladies is special. They came to support Dot and I. From the left Jacky, Dot, Lee and Lynda. I took this photo after we left the exhibition. It was cute to see them having show and tell in the cold outside a car showroom! You do know how to have fun ladies!

My pieces for the exhibition are nothing new to you. The best way to enter in an exhibition is when you already have your work ready. This is my Bojagi for Bella that I posted here.

My second piece is this BORO jacket that I posted before here. It was nice to see it displayed among the vintage Japanese furniture. 
My third piece is my sakiori rug I posted here. For some reason I didn't take photo of it. How annoying  because it was very well displayed there. 

These three tunics were made by Gisela Pfab (top photo) using vintage kimono fabric from ZZ. They are so vibrant and happy that I even want to make one for myself. I have enough fabric to make a few, I think!

Jane and her wall hangings. The top piece is called Windy Washing Day; the bottom piece is called Bird's Eye View. Jane worked on both pieces in our Wednesday craft sessions. It's great to see them here as part of the exhibition. 

Our lovely Kate Collins one of the curators and staff at ZZ. Kate was wearing one of her dresses made with vintage kimono fabric. Kate has a few pieces of her art work in the exhibition too. I specially love the blue bag. I've the same piece of that katazomi indigo so I might make a bag just like Kate's!

The dresses above are my favourite items in the exhibition. You can guess why: boro, eco-dyed and indigo dresses. All the three textiles I love! Sorry I don't have the name of the maker.

Don't you just love these vibrant happy colour pieces. Two cushions and 3 pictures all hand made and hand stitched by Dot. Dot put lots and lots of stitching into creating this work. Well done Dot!

Last but not least, are these stunning quilts all hand stitched and hand quilted. Maria of Peaceful Life blog is the maker of these two quilts. I would have loved to meet Maria, but she couldn't make it for the opening. Maria creates amazing quilts and textile crafts using vintage Japanese textiles. 

If you are in Melbourne, this is one exhibition you should visit. The exhibition goes until 27th October. I would love to go back and next time take my time to have a good look. 

I hope you enjoy the tour of the exhibition and thanks for dropping by. I would love to hear from you. Please leave me a comment.

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deanna7trees said...

oh you did a fabulous job of capturing what it would feel like to be at this wonderful exhibit. everything is beautiful. i am taken with those dresses. i might have to make something similar. thank you so much for sharing all this. wish i could have been there in person.

Lis said...

A massive "thank you" Nat for sharing the exhibition with us, so much wonderful stuff to see. I love the way the antique textiles have been given a new life and combined with newer fabrics. The Winding Ways quilt by Maria is stunning, such a simple colour combination and so effective. I love the dresses, I love your pieces, I love the impromptu show n tell, all in all a fabulous post. Wish I could join you to revisit the exhibition!! Next time maybe.

Kim said...

How beautiful. Looks like a very supportive community of talented textile artist. Thanks for the tour of the show, I know they are always so much more impressive in person when you can see all the small details but still since I will not get to Melbourne I do enjoying seeing the display. thanks Nat and Happy Sewing, your pieces look so perfectly displayed :0) How lovely!

Simone de Klerk said...

Wish I could have joined you!
Yes, the dresse are definitely my favorite too. And the colorful pieces of art under those.

Jeannie said...

Wow!!! I have always wanted to visit that shop for what they sell, but now I want to go to see the gorgeous exhibit! What a fantastic group of women. You are all so talented and the artwork you produce is just a treat to the eye. Way to go!!!

Els said...

Hi Nat, what a lovely exhibition!
Great to have so much support (and Jacky was there I saw ;-) !)
I loooooved your spring flowers !
Have a good week, Nat.

Fran├žoise said...

Congratulations to all of you. The exhibition looks stunning. I wish I could visit!

Terry said...

Having a community of artists to share your work with is wonderful. The exhibition gives everyone's work a different dimension as each piece complements the others.
Great going Great Tour!!

sheila at shecological said...

Wow Nat, that is really thrilling and especially since it combines so many of my favorite things. Congrats and thanks for sharing.

Jacky said...

It was a wonderful day Nat and everyones work displayed so beautifully.

Great work all artists and Kazari and Ziguzagu!

Jacky xox

Ziguzagu said...

Hi Nat,
It is lovely to see such interest in our exhibition.
For people inquiring about the indigo dresses - they are by a lady called Lulu Kane. The central piece in the photo is an apron of raw silk by Jenni Worth, who had a number of handmade dolls in the exhibition too.

homeschooled said...

Thanks Nat for sharing yoiur photos.It is so exciting to see all the work.I am so sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday. I am sure it would have been thrilling.

blandina said...

Lovely pictures of terrific works, thank you Nat!

judib said...

Thanks, Nat. Was great to see all the pieces. Ziguzagu is Lways a must see when I visit Melbourne. It is really interesting to see what other people do with their wonderful finds there.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nat. What a very interesting exhibit. Really lovely work. Thanks for your reporting!
best, nadia

Anonymous said...

congrats and thanks for sharing so many pictures and so many friends! I love that vest of yours!

Nedra said...

Thanks for the tour Nat! A lot of work went into the exhibit, and it turned out very well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Natima,
Thanks for inviting me, I had a lovely time and all the exhibit pieces were beautiful, and it was just great to catch up with everyone again.
Love Lynda.

rivergardenstudio said...

Dear Nat, this exhibition looks amazing! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photographs, I love them all! And it is great to see Jacky and you having so much fun with your friends!
take care, roxanne

Jenni Worth said...

l just found your blog & saw my work at the zigu zagu exhibition some years ago. Thankyou for your kind words it was lovely to read others comments too
l also loved your Japan pics & stories
I'm not smart about technology, prefer stitching, but l have written about a few things on India flint stitched -found-dyed blog which you might enjoy
you may also be interested to pass on to your group India's project

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