October 10, 2012

Welcome Spring & ZiguZagu Exhibition

Welcome spring! The winter had been long and wet this year. I'm glad spring is finally here. I was moaning about how wet it had been throughout winter, but rain comes with benefits. Look what the rain has done to our garden. I will shut up next time it rains!

I should have shown some of these gorgeous flowers to you a couple of weeks earlier, but I have been so busy lately that I only had a chance to post on my daily photo blog. I really enjoy my photo blog and I feel that my photography skills have improved since I started that blog 65 days ago. This post is photo heavy and not much writing, so please enjoy...

I planted this Wisteria three years ago over the fence between our neighbour and us. It took off beautifully from the first go. Wisteria is my favourite spring flower. Aren't they lovely?

These are apple blossoms I found them on my walk in the university where I work. So delicate and elegant looking!

Our first rose this spring. It's the rose that gives the best scent in our garden. I love yellow roses.

This is an Australian flower; the Waratah. I like to call it Australian Christmas flower. You can find them at the florist through the summer here. Lovely and vibrant colour. Just love it.

First bud of the climbing rose in front of the house. This rose is red, strong and long lasting.

My birthday orchid. It was blooming when I got it. It does not flower during the winter. In August which is my birthday, it starts to flower again. It has been in flower ever since.

The four photos below are of Australian native flowers. Sorry I don't know any of their names, but they are so attractive that I want to share them with you.

What else does spring bring? The apricot tree in our back yard is covered with young apricots. I can see it's going to be a good year for apricots.

The ornamental grapevine at the back of the house is also generating beautiful young leaves. I love them best in autumn when the leaves turn yellow, orange and dark red, gorgeous.

The olive tree is also covered with small olives. This is the second time the tree has produced fruit. I pickled them for the first time here.

The climbing jasmine is gorgeous and gives out a sweet scent. This one is on the fence next to the driveway. As soon as we open the car door the inviting scent of jasmine is very welcoming.

Last but not least, I would like to show you the Japanese indigo seedlings I planted on Fabienne's birthday, September 24th, It took ten days before the first one appeared. We had a little cold spell during that first week so that probably slowed the process down a bit. Anyway, they are starting to come now, how exciting!

You are invited to an exhibition at Ziguzagu. Three pieces of my work are included in the exhibition. If you are in Melbourne between Oct. 13 - 27, I hope you can drop by for a visit. I will be sure to take photos to share with you.

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere or here down under, I hope you enjoy the lovely change of the seasons at this time. I'm glad that I can share with you what I grow in my small garden. 

Until next time.



Kim said...

How divine.......lovely Spring bringing all that returned beauty to your yard. In the next weeks I'll be cleaning up leaves and spreading them on my garden beds getting the yard ready for it's winter sleep.

Happy Spring Nat

india flint said...

your four unidentified plants are
in order

Kennedia nigricans

Grevillea sp.

Hardenbergia violacea

the last image [those daisy-like flowers] shows Gazania sp, not an Australian native at all but an insidious [and poisonous] weed imported from South Africa.

Lis said...

Gorgeous photos Nat, I'd love to see you garden one day. The wisteria reminds me of some beautiful old gardens I have visited. Wish I could pop over to enjoy the exhibition but I'm sure you'll post photos.

deanna7trees said...

gorgeous flowers. wisteria has always been one of my favorites but i couldn't get them to grow in my yard...a huge vine but no flowers. love the idea of having an olive tree. are they the black olives? wish i was close enough to visit your exhibit. will look forward to the pics.

Anonymous said...

wow! what an amazing assortment of plant life... thank you for all the beautiful pictures. that orchid is very special in its connection to you, isn't it?

Sand and Sunshine said...

How wonderful to journey around with you like that. Everything is wonderful. I have to say I'm jealous that your orchid grows so wonderfully outside. And your Wisteria, how neat to see it blooming while I'm working on a quilt appliqueing it right now!

rivergardenstudio said...

What amazing flowers you have shared with us here!! You and your garden seem to be thriving. Congratulations on your show, I wish I could see it! roxanne

Jeannie said...

As I watch the leaves turn and the annuals turn into mulch, your photos of spring remind me of what is to come. (Not soon enough for me! LOL!) Winter is not my favorite season. I have planted bulbs to bring in on the bleakest days and some stitching is on the schedule. Enjoy your spring as it unfolds and thanks for sharing the photos.

Terry said...

A lovelt tour of your garden. I remember apricots and the yellow rose.
Enjoy the exhibition looking forward to photos.

Terry said...

A lovelt tour of your garden. I remember apricots and the yellow rose.
Enjoy the exhibition looking forward to photos.

Nedra said...

Beautiful flowers, Nat. I especially love the Wisteria. Just as you are excited for Spring, I am happy to have Fall weather here in Arizona, where the temps are just starting to drop below 100 degrees. Yay!

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

I see your plants have been identified already. Our Apricots are just coming into flower. So pleased to see the fruit on yours. I love the taste of them, pure delight.

Have to agree about the Wisteria, one of the most amazing tough flowers around.

Happy days.

Simone de Klerk said...

Spring is so pretty in your garden! Love all those flowers you have. And how special, that the orchid is still blooming so lovely!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Oh Nat. You have made a little heaven of your garden.

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