February 3, 2013

Love Workshop, Indigo, Exhibition and Friend

What happened this week? After last weekend of indigo dyeing with Jacky I got carried away and did more dyeing during the week because I didn't want to waste the dye I mixed at the weekend. I wanted to try different shibori techniques. I was really happy with the results of most of them. I have grouped the photos together so not to fill the page with too many photos.

This weekend is a busy one. I signed up for an online workshop starting on Feb 1. It's called LOVE Workshop, with Tracy Bakkelokken of Prana Light. It's only a one week workshop. I have started by making a Valentine's card and then we have a workshop workbook to fill-in (optional).  Also, this weekend Jacky and I went to Maria Cook's exhibition opening in Ballarat. Today, Sunday I picked up my weaving piece from the Weavers and Spinners Guild where it was part of the Introduction to 4 shafts weaving. After that I met up with my friend Jane. All in all, the week has been quite busy and enjoyable one.

Here is my version of the Valentine's card I made as part of Love workshop assignment. I'm going to scan and send it electronically. I will keep the original card to add to my indigo journal that I'm starting soon. For the card I used fabric and threads I indigo dyed myself. The red hearts and thread are from my stash.

Here are my weaving pieces hanging as part of the exhibition. The sakiori weaving on the right have now been in two exhibitions. It got much interest by both the weavers and dyers. I'm really pleased about that. 

I visited my friend Jane at her house. We cerebrated with a glass of bubbles and had lots of catching up to do. Jane was so happy and relaxed; I think being a lady of leisure suits her.

Some photos from Maria Cook's exhibition entitled The Kimonos Journey: Function to Art. It was great to get to meet Maria in person as well. Maria uses vintage kimono fabric for all her work. I'm so inspired by her work. After the exhibition Jacky and I went to Mill Street Market and got ourselves some real bargains.


This is one of mokume shibori (wood grain) that took me two weeks to stitch up. I always like the checkerboard pattern and thought a checkerboard pattern in shibori would be terrific if it worked. I was so happy when I untied the threads and discovered the checkerboard patterns I was hoping for!

Here is another piece of kumo shibori I dyed. This one was easy and fast to prepare. It's done by tying over round headed screws. Both of these pieces are worked over scarves that I made from a long piece of fabric. I made the fringes on both ends of the scarves to add that soft look and feel.

Another online workshop I'm doing this month is a 4-week workshop on iPhoneography with Kate England. Photography is my latest love right now because I'm using my iPhone camera to take all my photos so I thought a workshop on iPhone photography would help me a great deal with my photos in the future, I hope!

Until next time


Jacky said...

Never a dull moment for you Nat.
All of your dyeing looks wonderful, I love the pieces you created during the week too. Very special.
Have fun with your online workshops, I love your Valentines Day Card.... and look forward to seeing more of what you do.
The trip to Ballarat was lovely, so nice to meet Maria and to see her quilts in real life...so detailed. You really need to see them in real life to appreciate their beauty and the workmanship.
The market was wonderful. So happy with my bargains which are scattered throughout the house now!

Jacky xox

Sujata Shah said...

Seems like you have been extremely busy! I love all the dyeing you do and these indigo fabrics are so pretty. I like the checker-board pattern there.
I have never made small pieces other than AAQI quilts. May be a good thing to start now.
Thanks for all the inspirations.

Nedra said...

You are one busy lady with all of your classes! Beautiful results!

deanna7trees said...

a beautiful card. sounds like an interesting workshop. great results with your shibori. i especially love the one made with the round head screws. i'll have to try that. enjoy your fun filled week.

Tracy said...

You are a wonder, Nat! The fiber Valentine is BEAUTIFUL! I'm so glad you are enjoy the LOVE course so far. And I think it's an excellent idea to use great photos of original art to send as electronic greetings. Having just taking Kate's iPhone photography course, I think you will enjoy that a lot too. I had so much fun leaning to use fun apps to enhance photos, etc. VERY fun to see your woven piece in the show...And just love all your indigo piece. So glad we've "met". I'm learning so much from you. :o) Happy Days ((HUGS))

Jeannie said...

Your Valentine card is lovely. I am with you on the mokume shibori. It takes forever to stitch, but so beautiful. I love the checkerboard pattern! I had never thought to do that. Now I am thinking about triangles, too. :) I'd better get started so I can be ready to go when the weather warms. Wishing you a fun filled week.

Nancy said...

Nat, you are always up to such wonderful things! Love the heart postcard :)

Terry said...

A Natima week for sure. Every minute used to the max.
The indigo pieces are great color and technique!!
The card is just so you enejgetic electic just as I remember our first couple meetings.

When did you say SEABIRD will be finished? I need a visit.

Kim said...

Oh wow you have gotten so much done.....love all the indigo and kimono remakes they are just so beautiful.

Happy Sewing

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Nat you are so busy this week...what a wonderful post....and YAY for your items being in an exhibition! Love that card! Good pics too with your phone ....have a great week xoxo

Needled Mom said...

What fun you have been having. I love the mokume shibori piece and the weaving is just gorgeous. Your work is always such a delight to see.

Peggy said...

Hi Nat! Your shibori checkerboard is grand! All that time it tookto stitch up beforehand was worth it. An indigo journal is a great idea and I love the card. Wonderful photos you take with your iphone, I've only started using instagram with mine. What photo app do you use because yours are always so great? xx

Anonymous said...

love the shibori... do you have to worry about the screw tips snagging the fabric?

Anne said...

Sounds like you had a fun and busy week and the Valentine's card is so clever and cute!

Anne @ Vickery Quilt and Craft Retreat

Simone de Klerk said...

So much to admire!
And what a beautiful Love card.
I hope to get to the workshop soon. Life took over, so I have something to look forward too!

beth said...

Love all your work. I'm especially interested in your weaving. I've just begun my journey with my little loom.

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