September 24, 2014

Spring 2014

Yes spring has arrived! This week the temperature ranges from 20-26'C. I love this time of year when the sky is blue and temperature is in the 20s. Our apricot and plum trees are full of spring blossoms which is gorgeous. I can see them out my Tree-House studio's windows this year. I'm so loving it!

These last couple of weeks I did a little bit of stitching and more of dyeing. I'm loving my slow and small achievement. I surprised myself when I have a look at my photos on this post! I did do quite a few small things in the last few weeks.

I found these vintage farm Kasuri Monpe work pants in an old cotton yukata at Kazari/Ziguzagu a few months ago. It was in good condition except the edges of both legs are raged and torn. I had them sitting around to decide what to do with them. I decided to patch them with some vintage and indigo dyed fabric. 

Started stitching down the first patch of indigo moon. Very happy and motivated to carry on ever so slowly. I like how it looks! 

Finished the journal cover for my dye samples. I prepared the samples from the natural dye workshop I did with Ilka White a few weeks ago. Will get around to putting them in the journal in good time!

I did another small batch of jar dyeing last week. What I did was bundle one or two jars at the time and leave them on the window sill to soak in solar energy! When I have enough to fill the sauce pan I then steam them together. There are a couple of jars of coffee dyed in this batch too.

Spring brings out lots of yellow flowers including Oxalis.  I tried dyeing with Oxalis a few years ago and just loved the rich yellow colour from them.

Green is not easy to get from an ecoprint. I have used the same type of Eucalyptus leaves before, but didn't get the green I got from them this time. It must be something in the water!

This was the second times I dyed with coffee. To make coffee dye more effective I use the Shibori technique.  I used rusty nails left by the builder from my studio. I didn't expect to get the result I got from the rust and coffee. I used recycled ground coffee!

I visited Kazari/Ziguzagu last weekend to get more silk for dyeing. That place is amazing. I can spend all day there and still not see everything. 

I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the collections. I seem to see more interesting fabric from the photos than when I was actually there.

Below are some shots of the Tree-House studio. I will only add some captions on each photo:

I finished vanishing the railings of the

Both Ikea double wardrobes are now done

A bench to be put in the Tree-House studio.
There is a backrest for it too.

I posted about the rainbow beads necklace once before here. I love mine and feel proud every time I wear it. I love how it was created. Each bead was carefully hand crafted by a talented young couple Ellie and Sam of Deadwood Creative. I got the second one for a gift. I'm sure it will be well received!

I'm waiting for the blinds to get installed before I move into the Tree-House studio. I hope to start moving the fabric to the new wardrobes next weekend. I'm really excited to see what I have stashed away and hope that I will fit everything in! I have thought that when you are working full time you have time to shop, but don't have a lot of time to use what you buy. What do you think? In the end you end up with more supplies than you need :(  

Until next time


neki desu said...

ohh you people who live in the future all that spring energy!
that shop looks awesome.when i was working i had more$ to spend but less studio time.i'm happier with the arrangement now. after all i don't need more stuff.

Tracy said...

Happy Spring, Nat! It's always such HUGE inspiration to come here and see what you're doing--just drooling over all the stitching and textiles! :o) I try not to go overboard with supplies, less is more I more hoarding... LOL! This year I've been using up my fabric and yarn stash, trying not to buy if not necessary. Strangely, limiting things stretches the creative muscles more. VERY fun to see your studio still taking shape! Happy Days ((HUGS)) P.S You mentioned Small Journey's in a comment at my place--I LOVE Jude Hill's work! :o)

Needled Mom said...

I wish we were heading into spring too, Nat. It is such a great time of the year.

I love the stitching that you did on those pants. It is such a wonderful slow stitching project.

The dying looks fabulous too. I can see where the shibori really makes a big difference with the coffee dying, but I love to see it used in dye projects of any kind.

I agree that we tend to buy more supplies than we can use, but it gives us the dream of eventually having the time to do it all!!!!

deanna7trees said...

oh yes....much more stuff around here than i can use in a lifetime but it is nice to have easy access to everything when the need arises. looks like your studio will be a wonderful place to work. i am excited for you.

Debbie said...

We are just heading into Autumn, a season I love and good for dyeing with fallen leaves. Love the effect you have got with the nails on the coffee print, how did you get the blue. How lucky are you to have a shop like that we have a complete dearth of good fabric shops where I live.

Els said...

Ahhh the oxalis is giving great colour Nat ! (mmmm really spring-y !)

Always enjoy that little look inside the Ziguzagu shop ;-)

Slowly but steady going, your studio ...

Terry said...

Your slow constant efforts are producing work to be proud of. The progress on the studio is wonderful and soon it will be time to start filling jars with aprocots.
Have a good weekend

Nedra said...

It's been fun following some of your progress on Instagram, too. Love your new studio. You must be so excited to finally be moving in!

susis quilts said...

dear nat,i know your studio will be great,have fun there,susi

Jeanie said...

Happy Spring, Nat! How exciting to ready the new studio. You've clearly been busy between prepping the furniture and all your dying!I love the photos and colors and indeed, I feel inspired by your energy and talent! Keep on keeping on!

Kim said...

Very exciting! I hope you have many happy hours of creating in your new space.

Happy Spring, DH is headed to Perth today :0).

Françoise said...

That shop looks amazing! Love the traditional Japanese fabrics of course.
You must be so excited to see your studio almost ready.
Have a great week.

Peggy said...

Hi Nat! I'm looking forward to more photos of the Tree-House studio -- I love that feeling of being up so high with the trees. With it being spring there, it's going to be a wonderful experience for you! xo

Your moon stitching is absolute perfection.

Margaret said...

Your shibori coffee dyeing looks great but the blue ... was that because of the iron or what?

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Cool pants Nat! Your studio is getting there!

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