October 9, 2014

Geelong Fibre Forum 2014

Whoa, another month has flown by so fast. Also Christmas is less than 3 months away! Where has 2014 gone? I hardly did anything that I hadn't already blogged about this last couple of weeks. Yet, I feel as busy as ever. Of course I work on the Tree-House Studio as much as I can. This week the blinds I ordered will be installed. I'm still waiting for the cabinet maker to complete his job we ordered. After the blinds are installed I can slowly move in and put some decorations on the walls. I don't want to move in until then. Our Australian sun is very bright and strong. It is damaging to the colour on the fabric with direct sunlight.

Last weekend I went to Geelong Fibre Forum open day. I try to go there every year if I don't have anything else on that weekend. The Geelong Fibre Forum runs for a full week. The last day of the event is an open day for the public to visit and view the works that have been done during one week of residency. Over the years the theme has changed according to the trend in textiles at the time. For the few years eco-prints and natural dye have been dominating the forum.

Below are works of students that attended Pam Hovel's workshop entitled "Raw Edge":

Some results from felt and dyed workshop

The display is very attractive 

Eucalyptus leaves were used here

Some buttons were dyed with here too

More dyeing from this workshop

Felted garments dyed afterwards

The workshop that attracted my attention was Human Marks by Dorothy Caldwell. It combines dyeing, stitching and bookbinding into the same workshop. They are all the things I love.

Works from the week workshop in
Dorothy Caldwell's workshop

Gorgeous pieces of original stitching

Another workshop Experiments in printing with mordants by Julie Ryder, textile designer from Canberra. It looks very interesting. I wished I was in that workshop.

Some interesting from the workshop

Indigo dye was used on some pieces

Some exciting printing out of this workshop

Art to wear also found at the forum

The open day ends at midday when all the exhibits were taken down. We got there early in order to view as many exhibits as possible. We prepared a picnic basket to share by the seaside which is less than 5 minutes drive from the forum. The weather was perfect this year, unlike other years where we had picnic under umbrellas or inside the car. I couldn't believe our luck for good weather to be so kind to us this year! 

Well that's all for today. Do visit me on Instagram to see my daily photos. I see that more and more of my blogger friends are joining Instagram lately. 

Until next time


deanna7trees said...

wow. what a wonderful exhibit of dyeing and stitching. nice that it is close by so you can attend each year.

Needled Mom said...

That looks like a fabulous show with such interesting pieces. The dye results are so pretty.

Your spring days must be a real delight for you. I wish we were just heading into spring here. ;-)

Tracy said...

Always so happy to come here and satisfy my fiber appetite, Nat... ;o) LOL... So many fiber goodness... LOVE that piece with all the stitching! Thanks for taking us along. Enjoy the spring days there... ((HUGS))

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Lovely exhibition Nat....loving those natural colours!

neki desu said...

thanks for all that eye candy!

epocktextiles said...

an opportunity missed - I was at Geelong as well - I did Ruth Hadlow's class - would have loved to have met you - I've just had to look back to see where I first came across your blog - it was through Karen Ruane's Alchemy

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