November 7, 2014

ANZAC Centenary and Other Celebrations

This year on November 11 is the Remembrance Day (ANZAC Centenary). The ANZAC countries celebrated with red poppies. Red poppies happen to be one of my favourite flowers too so I'm happy to join in and make a few out of felt and paper. Apart from celebrating the ANZAC Centenary I have included a few other celebrations on this post as well:

Melbourne Cup happens every year on the first Tuesday in November. Melbourne cup is the "race that stops the nation". The tradition for Melbourne cup day is wearing fancy hats. The hats have now getting fancy and fancier as the year goes by. 

First red poppy 

A pair of red poppies done!

Paper poppies for the hats

My 10 year old dress fitted perfectly
to the theme!

At the university where I work we put on a lovely party for Melbourne Cup. This year's theme is vintage floral. My colleague Ben and I went as duo wearing my ANZAC red poppy pins and more on our hats. And we won the best costums for the even! I wished I could posted our photo, but I hate posting photo of myself on the blog! 

Something else to celebrate here is the completion of my Tree-House Studio! When I said complete I mean it's the moving in stage. Mr Notjustnat and I have been working hard putting together the cabinets we got as kits. We finally finished and the bench top has been installed.


Ikea table supporters

The cabinets minus the bench top

Another celebration is my craft group's turning 8 anniversary! I started this craft group at work 8 years ago. We have had 4 exhibitions in that time. We only meet one hour a week during the lunch break. 

Craft group in session

Peter was hard at work

We use the conference room to meet and spread  our stuff. The group started with book binding which I have shown them. Then we moved on to do whatever people want to do, but Peter always works on book binding. We make special books/journals for members who leave retired. 

Graduation Day at Monash

The last and final celebration is graduation day for 2014 graduates at Monash University. I love being part of this celebration. I enjoy seeing the graduates in their gowns in the colours of their faculties. I love seeing the proud families and friends line-up for photograph. Working in the university library I have a big part in supporting these graduates with their study. You can't help but feeling proud of them as well.

Until next time


Yvette said...


Betty said...

I love poppies. Novemeber is our Veterans Day and where My Hubby works they are giving him the day off. There are only two veterans there, everyone else has to work.

Congrats on your craft anniversay.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great post Nat! Congrats on Winn g with your poppy headband too! Nearly ready to move in now...won't be long! Have a great weekend!

deanna7trees said...

you are always so busy and productive. your studio is looking grand.

Needled Mom said...

Your red poppies are just beautiful, Nat, and I love the big one for your hat!!! Very clever.

I'll bet you are busy moving everything into the studio. It looks wonderful and I know it will be a great space for your creativity.

Happy anniversary to your creative group. I'm sure you all have fun and have developed great friendships through the years.

Terry said...

Nice to have a peek at your comings and goings. Red seems to be a color theme this post from the poppies to the table stands.

Imagine all the lovely time this summer in the studio. Happy moving !

Carole~Quilter on the hill said...

Lovely post Nat! I just love your ANZAC poppies. How wonderful for you to be moving into your studio.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Amazing stat re the craft group hours and the exhibition's held. Love that pot of red geranium outside the tree-house door.

Happy days.

Nifty Quilts said...

Wahoo! Congratulations on your new studio!!! I'll bet it's fun to just slide around in your stocking feet right now. Beautiful poppies too!

Nedra said...

Lots of wonderful things going on in your life, Nat.
I was raised in California, where the state flower is a gold poppy. As a child I was told very bad things would happen if we ever picked one (they were to be protected) so I've always carried a little bit of childhood fear when it comes to poppies!

Els said...

What a wonderful space Nat !
I can imagine what lovely work will be made there ;-)

Tracy said...

The Remembrance Day celebration have been especially poignant this year, with the centinery of WWI. LOVE you poppies!! And fun to have a peek at your studio taking shape with furniture! Wonderful idea of the craft group at your workplace--love that! We're getting ready to travel in a few days to share Thanksgiving in the US with my family. With holidays approaching, I'm also making a departure from blogland... But I'll still be around to visit. ;o) Happy Days, Nat ((HUGS))

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