November 26, 2014

The Tree-House Studio

Wow, it has been a while since my last blog update. I have been busy with lots of things. Everyday life things, work life things and creative life things. Not a moment to be bored that's for sure! 

The Tree-House Studio is full of life and colour. The furniture has all been moved in. I take a couple of boxes up at the time. I then put everything away in its new home before going back and getting some more stuff from my old sewing room. I have moved everything except my books. You have been seeing lot of photos of the outside. Today I'm excited to show you the inside of the studio.

I took a Panorama photo inside the studio starting from the entrance to the back wall. Double click to enlarge. An awesome space!

My pride and joy is the designer table. I used the two Ikea units to support a large piece of timber as a table top. The white utility unit I already had in the other room. The designer table serves as cutting table, or for book binding, journalling etc.

Mr Notjustnat sanded and applied both top and underneath with special vanish. It's a solid piece of pressed timber. The photo shows preparations for a farewell journal I am making for a colleague at work.

Here it is: the farewell journal for my colleague Peter Mathews. It was the first project created in the Tree-House Studio. 

Found a perfect home for my BORO cloth I have been working on for ages. It needs more stitching, but it has to wait. I found just the right piece of smoked bamboo from Zigu Zagu to hang it. 

As you enter the studio this silk and linen Kilim is the first thing you would see. It is my favourite rug I brought back from the Middle East. The folk art design has camels and roosters all over it. The border has gazelle designs all around. I'm glad it found just the right place in the studio.

I took this photo after moving the sewing table up on Sunday. You can see the corner of the table loom on the right. I've got enough floor space for the vintage Sakiori rug. It looks at home there.

I got a nice and practical stool from Ikea for my computer use.  It's simple with an adjustable height to slide under the work bench when not in use. 

Mr. Notjustnat's birthday was a couple of weeks ago. I treated him to a movie, a concert and dinner. We filled a full day activities for him. I also did a little stitching, dyeing and visited an exhibition. It has been a busy November!

Montsalvat for the concert

Lots of garden cultures at Montsalvat 

Making another journal cover
for the studio guestbook 

Dyeing result

World of fashion exhibition
by Jean Paul Gaultier

As I stated to some of you in my emails, Christmas is creeping up with me this year. I'm not planning to decorate the house this Christmas because my family and the grand children are spending Christmas with DIL's side of the family. I thought I would give myself a break from doing the decorations. I will put a small tree in the Tree-House to welcome it to the first Christmas. I even plan to make decorations for the tree myself. Will share that with you once I make them.

Until next time


susis quilts said...

dear nat,your tree house studio looks fantastic! i would love to be there for a visit,hugs ,susi

Betty said...

The studio looks so lovely and I wished I could come for a visit to it. The cover you are making is so pretty and I love the table.

deanna7trees said...

the tree house looks absolutely fabulous and such a cozy place to create all of your masterpieces. your hubby takes gorgeous photos. i did visit his website. enjoy your time in your new studio.

taiqi said...

We finally get to see it---and it is wonderful. Such an inspiration. I know wonderful things will get done here. I am sorry you didn't get to move to Seabird--but this is a wonderful consolation. Can't wait to see why you do there. Janet Wright USA

Françoise said...

Your new studio looks wonderful! Congratulations!

Needled Mom said...

The studio turned out beautifully. It looks like it is so well laid out too. I love the mirrored door to give it the additional depth. You are going to have so much fun creating in there.

Happy belated birthday to the Mr.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Nat your studio looks so cool....loving all the storage and your rug is beautiful! I can see many happy hours here for you!

Penny said...

I am so jealous. It is such a wonderful space. Love to see it one day.

Jeannie said...

The Tree House is wonderful, Nat. Warm, inviting, cozy and colorful - all things I love. Enjoy your special place and have fun! (I bought a tree for the cottage, too. LOL!)

Nedra said...

Your Studio turned out fabulous! You will have such a wonderful time there! It's nice to see it all put together :)

Yoga said...

Your tree house studio has at last been completed. Thanks to the architect, the painters (Mr. Tom)etc who put a lot of effort to make this dream come true. Enjoy working in this delightful environment Nat.

Kim said...

What a great space, I hope you have many happy hours out there creating your lovely work! How I wish I could sign your visitors book and spend sometime with you there......well you never know!

Happy Thanksgiving from the states and Happy Sewing!

Terry said...

The studio is great. I'm sure you will enjoy many creative times in the tree house.

Cheryl Cheney said...

I LOVE your studio--beautiful and functional.

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