January 19, 2015

Getting Back to Normality!

Life is getting back to normality again here. This is my second week back at work and things are happening at work with the beginning of the library refurbishment. Also it's nice to get back to the daily routine. You go to bed and wake up at a more civilized time. You get dressed and there are places to go to each day! Does that make sense to you? I also made travel plans for the second half of 2015.

A few things happened this month that got me excited! I would normally feel down after Christmas, but with a few things to do I'm all energy and ready to face 2015. I've set a date for the Tree House warming party on the last day of January. I've been working on a guest book for the studio warming party. 

The book is finished.

Book cover in stitching process.

Speaking of the Tree House studio. I took down the Christmas quilts I put up for Christmas and replaced them with the collection of my small quilts. Some of them were quilts I made in my early quilting career. You can see that even then I couldn't just keep to one type of quilting!

Flamingo quilt stands out among the rest.

Books and baskets at the other
end of the room.

A few photos with a Japanese theme to follow. I met up with Jacky for lunch last week. It was lovely to catch up with her after a long time. After lunch we visited Ziguzagu for the after-Christmas sale. 

The tall Kokeshi doll is the new
acquisition from ZZ.

Small Japanese inspired quilt I made for a gift.

Robert Joyce the co-owner of Kazari/Ziguzagu 
has a brilliant way to transport furniture
around the shop. He told me he learnt it
in Bali when he was 18. 

Japanese garden at Japanese Language Centre at
my university.

I did more dyeing since DIL left after New Year. You know, one gets addicted to dyeing when one starts. I have so much dyed fabric that I swore I will have a break from dyeing for awhile, but that promise didn't last for long before I started dyeing again. Here are some results of the batch.

Bundles after steaming

Another piece dyed with rose leaves.

Dyed silk hanging out to dry.

Juvenile Eucalyptus leaves. 

Kangaroo paws and Eucalyptus leaves.

Mixed Eucalyptus leaves.

I know I haven't been posting regularly. I appreciate that you are still reading my blog, so thank you. My next post is going to be about the Tree House studio warming party. I hope I will have time to take photos on the day.  

Until next time


deanna7trees said...

wonderful images as usual. i love not having a strict routine but even in retirement there is sort of a routine day by day. it's just more flexible now that i don't have to go to work. looking forward to pics of your warming party. enjoy.

Jeannie said...

As Deanna said, your photos are wonderful. I love how you have your quilts hung. Is it a special set up or bamboo poles? I wish I could hop a plane for your Tree House party. Plus, it would be so much warmer there! We really are like the tides with our energy and ambition. I know I usually get in a funk after Christmas, too. This year it didn't last too long since I was involved in a project. Perhaps that is the key, start something before the holidays so you can just hop back on it. Have a fabulous week!

Terry said...

Nice results from the dying. Enjoy the Tree house party. I'll be with you in spirit.

Nancy said...

So nice to see all of your beautiful creations, finds and spaces. A true celebration of you and your life!

Yoga said...

Beautiful tree house guest book. I am awaiting to see your next blog with details of your travel plans for the latter half of 2015. You are always as busy as a bee Natima!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Gorgeous book Nat... I'd come to your Tree Party if I was there! Novel way to carry a chair! Lovely fabric as always Nat! Look forward to gearing of your travel plans

Needled Mom said...

I really like your idea of a guest book for the Tree House and you are doing a great job with it. It is so much fun to see the changing season in the Tree House. I LOVE the dye results. I think it is so addicting because it is so exciting to open each piece and see the results. It's like Christmas presents!!!!

Els said...

This tree house book is so gorgeous Nat !
The colours and the rings in the stitching .... ;-)

That small Japanese Quilt is just wonderful ! I enlarged the picture and saw that it is just two (skew) halves ... sooooo clever !!! The white sashiko stitching stands out so neatly. It really is a little gem ! Lucky receiver ;-)

And btw : your studio looks more like a lovely SHOP than a studio ha, ha, ha !

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