February 2, 2015

Tree House Studio Opening

The Tree House Studio opening day finally arrived on Saturday, 31 Jan 2015. There was a lot of preparation beforehand and there were even some sleepless nights thinking over fine details. About twenty five people came including Simon the builder and his wife Mandy. The opening was at 3:00 pm so I had most of the morning to get the last minute shopping done and some food prepared. 

Soon after the guests arrived it was time for the speech. I left out one important point in my speech (sad face). I forgot to raise a glass for a toast! I missed writing it down on my note. It made me appreciate those party organizers and wedding planners out there doing the check list for you every step of the way! And to think I was an event organizer for many years in my last job! I do hope when you read this you can tell me if it happens to you too!

Despite that small mishap the day went very well. Everyone was inspired by what we achieved both in the building and what I've created in there. Simon the builder was most impressed with the interior decoration and furnishing. Everyone had heard of the Tree House studio from me more than once so it was great for me to show it to them . 

Below are some photos from the day. Enjoy guys...

I found the red and white protection tape from a construction site at my work and I tied it across the stairway. It caught people's attention.

A bunch of sunflowers brighten up the studio even more. Good choice for studio flowers!

A row of footprints directing the guests
to the back entrance.

Shane the barista from my work kindly brought his coffee machine to make coffee for the guests. Shane is working at one of the leading restaurants Taste Bargette on my campus, but he is going to open his own cafe soon. 

Everyone kindly brought a plate to share on the day. The same amount of food was on the outside table as well. Thanks everyone for the helping hand. It helped a lot on the busy day. 

Jacky was there to give support.

My supervisor Carl in red with Andrew, and Kevin
my colleagues were there too.

Almost half of the guest were men, so Mr Notjustnat didn't feel left out on the day. He caught up with Simon and got to meet the other guests. It was a good social day for all the men too!

I did remember to ask the guests to sign my guest-book (I did good there!). I made a sign and placed it by the book just to remind them. 

To my surprise, everyone was very interested in the Studio Journal I have been keeping. Simon didn't know I kept the journal right from the beginning. Everybody spent ages and ages looking through it.

My great colleague Ben signing my book.

Two of my darling colleagues Ebony
and Sophia came to give their support.

Mother and daughter - Tomiko visiting from Japan
and Ayako who lives here.

Sneaking into my travel journal.

Opening cupboards

Finding a large box of dyed threads. 

Time for me to have photo taken with my friends.
Nan, Sophia me and Jocelyn.

DD Kitiya was here to give a helping hand. I was tired but happy at the end of the day. 

The next day was Sunday so I had another day off from work. I still had a bit more to clean up. I did that in the morning. One of my friends brought me a bouquet of fresh herbs from her garden and I thought I would try dyeing with them. I steamed the bundles and jars, but I will share the results with you on the next post. 

Hope all of you in North America are keeping warm from all that snow you have had lately. We didn't have that great a summer this year either, but that was fine for me since I don't like hot weather all that much. I'm happy as it is. 

Until next time


susis quilts said...

dear nat,that was surely a busy day for you,but it is nice to have interested people in that wonderful treehouse,isn`t it. take care,susi

myfluffybag said...

Looks like a lovely day, Nat. Glad it went well.

Jeanie said...

Congratulations, Nat! What a wonderful way to culminate so many months of preparation! It looks like a fabulous day and I'm so glad it was just perfect!

deanna7trees said...

oh such joy in sharing the things you love with so many friends. so happy for you Nat. it looks like it was a most wonderful day.

Terry said...

You are always a great hostess and the OPENING reflects that gift . The studio is a credit to you and Mr Nat. A wonderful space to be.
Happy Tree House day.

Els said...

Finally it's OPEN !
(hey ... hi Jacky)

Good luck with all the new projects that will come out of this gorgeous place !

Penny said...

Great set of photos, almost felt I was there. Congratulations.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

What a wonderful day you had, I am sure no-one noticed the missing toast. They were to busy admiring your studio. What a great idea to have your own Barista, hope his business goes well when he opens his dream cafe.
On something completely different, did your Apricot tree produce fruit this year?

Happy days.

Yoga said...

Atlast the big day came! Your account and photos gave an excellent tour of the wonderful studio, needless to say the beautiful creations of the oast and present. Keep up your creative ability, which gives people like me tremendous happiness

neki desu said...

what fun! it sure was worth the wait.
and it looks gorgeous too.

Needled Mom said...

It looks like a fabulous event, Nat. I would loved to have been there to see it in real life rather than pictures. Now you can go in and mess it up while being creative!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Hello Nat. What a woman you are! You certainly know how to put on a good spread. And how fab - your studio. Very special, with a very special way to celebrate. I love how you make an 'occasion' of things. Well done you. Enjoy.

Nancy said...

Oh Nat!!! it looks like a lovely time was had by all. Your space and creations are all so beautiful. I love that you set about dying with one of your gifts! This post brought a tear to my eye. Such richness in your live.
PS Hi Jacky :)

Cynthia Tomaszewski said...

Great posting Nat! Looks like a great day and how wonderful to christian your new studio with friends!!!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Nat what an awesone post and an awesome Opening....Congratulations to you!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Nat what an awesone post and an awesome Opening....Congratulations to you!

Ivory Spring said...

Hello Nat,

Long time no talk. I was working away and thought of you.

I hope you are well. Looks like all is well - love your Tree House!!!

I hope all your grandbabies are doing well too.

Hugs to you, and I hope you have a lovely 2015! Take care.

Lay Hoon said...

Dear Nat,
Happy for you.
Love your Tree House..wish I can pay a visit.

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