February 23, 2015

Festive February

A lot is going on these last couple of weeks! I love having my calendar filled or almost filled. But really I only have weekends to play/create and catch-up. I'm not doing so bad for someone who works full time. I found that creative people can be creative even at work. I think I'm known for that now. I always get asked to do something creative like taking photos of events etc. Recently I was asked to make a Time Capsule for my department. That was a really fun job (not really a job!).  

In this post I will include Valentine's Day, Chinese New Year, thank you morning tea and trip to Supergraph and some of my creations. Enjoy everyone!

DD Kitiya had a booth at Supergraph last weekend. It is Australia's Contemporary Graphic Arts Fair. This is their second year of the fair. Kitiya was there last year as well. I went to see her at the fair and took this photo of her being as gorgeous as ever! 

Time Capsule I created for IRD

On Valentine's Day we were planning a dinner out to a new steak house in our neighbourhood. It was fully booked (sad face) so we went the next day instead. We really enjoyed it. It was much quieter the next day too! 

I had a house beer and BBQ ribs - delicious!

We shared cheese cake!

Next was Chinese New Year. The year of the Goat. On the actual day it was a work day so we celebrated by having morning tea together. I have a couple of Chinese and one Japanese friends at work. We all brought in little something to share. I wrapped up some gifts and money for them just for fun! In the evening Mr Notjustnat and I went to a cafe for tea and a sweet.

Chinese tea with Mr Notjustnat

Thank you morning tea for my manager with
delicious raspberry cheese cake.

Now on to something I made or am working on. I have been doing bits and pieces of everything. It seems to be the story of my life, and it keeps me amused and entertained! I'm not one for finishing one thing before I start another! No, no, no that's not me! 

Framed a piece of eco-print.

Stitched journal cover.

A piece of crazy quilt for a bag.

Last Friday I was given a kilo of coffee grounds for dyeing. I was hoping to dye raffia for a basket workshop I signed up for on March 21st, but for the life of me I couldn't find the raffia! So I ended up dyeing canes with coffee. Canes take up dye very well too. I'm happy with the result!

Canes in coffee dye.

While I was dyeing canes I came across a basket base I started before I built the Tree House. I thought I'd finished that first before starting a new one using coffee dyed canes. 

Old base with added side.

Last Sunday the weather was extremely hot and humid. It was a chance for me to try out the air-conditioning in the Tree House. I'm so happy it works beautifully! While I was there I found some instructions on how to make a paper crane (Origami). I used to know how to make paper cranes, but I forgot how to do it (use it for loose it). I made a few while I was at it!

It was lovely to learn how to do it again! 

Lucky find: Lucky find this week is this sweet framed redwork embroidery. When I took Jacky to Waverley Antique Bazaar I found it there. The redwork embroidery that someone lovingly stitched and framed. It now has a home on top of the library card drawer cabinet in the Tree House! 

That's all from me. I hope everyone is keeping well out there. The weather hasn't been the best for us. Cyclone Macia hit North Queensland last weekend, and here in Melbourne the temperature reached 36'C/96'F which is very hot for us.  Please keep well and safe.

Until next time


Terry said...

A busy month. Which I know makes for a happy Natima. Kittya looking every bit as happy as always. Glad your enjoying Feb just imagine what a wonderful year you have ahead.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Good on Kitiya for having her own booth...fantastic! A fun post Nat with lots in it....busy as always!

Jeannie said...

Your adorable daughter makes me smile whenever I see her photo. Her zest for life is in her face. She must be such a joy to be around. You are so busy, and inspiring! You also reminded me to quit griping about winter as those nasty summer temps are soon on their way. Enjoy your week and thanks for the post!

susis quilts said...

dear nat,i am looking foreward seeing you and and mr.not just nat in our home,your posts are very interesting.my husband anton broke his knee in january and has been operated on the 12th of feburary,but until you come it will be healed completely. have a nice time,susi

deanna7trees said...

we have that in common...working on many projects at once. i love your framed dyed cloth. keeping having fun. i know you will.

Bev C said...

Hell Nat,

Love the photo of your daughter, so happy. I love how you associate food with each festival, it just makes me hungry! Finishing something before starting something else, impossible. Enjoy the ride I say.

Happy days.

Needled Mom said...

No matter how busy you are, you always find time to create such beautiful pieces. I LOVE your journal stitching. Your cranes are wonderful too. Cute, cute picture of your daughter, Kitiya!! Her smile is lovely.

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