March 28, 2015

Easter is Coming!

Just in case I haven't got around to blogging again before Easter I wish you all a Happy Easter 2015. We are having 5 days off at Easter! When you have a full time job, any day off is really appreciated. I know it's going to be a busy 5 days, but that's how I like it. 

Last Saturday I attended coiled basket workshop with Jacky, Dot and Lee. As you know I'm a basket weaver and I love baskets in all shapes and sizes. I thought it would be fun to go along to a workshop with friends. The workshop was held at Alowyn Gardens in Yarra Glen. It was run by Ruth Woods of Craft School Oz. The venue is about an hour's drive from Melbourne. Below are some photos of the event. Enjoy!

Workshop samples

My basket base using natural raffia and indigo dyed raffia

Jacky's and my bases

These are all the basket bases the class did that day

I added more to the base

It's getting bigger

Twined Together is a book inspired by bush baskets

Rock feature garden at Alowyn Gardens

Original mining cottage 

Rustic chair in the original condition

Sculptural arch 

Garden maze

Another arch

I thought that I had not been doing much this last couple of weeks until I gathered together the photos and realised that I have been quite busy. Below are some photos of textile related activities I have been creating. 

This is the journal cover I'm making for my travel journal. I used  BORO style piecing, but used traditional embroidery stitches on it. I've add more embroidery since I took this photo. I will share with you again once it is completed. 

And this is the Civil War Quilts block I mentioned in the last post. The red fabric is a "F" (featured) fabric found at an opshop/thriftshop. I've featured it in every block I have made. Barbara put out free pattern for 52 blocks, but I think I'm only going to make about 30 blocks and set them on points and alternate with plain fabric.  

I hope you didn't miss the International Day of Happiness? At my work we had a little fun competition to see who would come in to work that day wearing the most colourful and happy clothes. The prize was a bottle of "happy bubbly". I thought if I wore my Yukata with silk boro patches I would win and I did!  

Blog ending photo for today is this coffee art/heart created by the barista at Market Lane Coffee Prahran Market, South Melbourne. Melbourne is known as the world's best coffee capital. We are spoiled for choice with coffee shops! I have been there twice now and will go back again. 

I hope everyone is keeping well, busy and creative. The weeks and months are moving on so fast that it will be nice to stop and take a breath. I'm looking forward to driving into the sunrise next Friday and heading to see our DS, DIL and DGC in Canberra. Happy Easter Everyone!

Until next time


Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Great baskets Nat! Enjoy your 5 days off.....a very Happy Easter to to you and Safe Travels!

susis quilts said...

dear nat, happy easter to you and tom,have a good time, susi

deanna7trees said...

wishing you a happy time off with your family. i'm especially loving the boro style piecing with the traditional very beautiful. the basket workshop looks like it was in a beautiful setting.

Needled Mom said...

Your baskets always amaze me, Nat. That is going to be another beautiful one.

I can see why you were chosen to win the most colorful and happy contest! The colors make the world brighter.

Your garden pictures are delightful. I'd love one of those arches in my garden.

Have a safe and wonderful trip to visit the children. Happy Easter.

Jeanie said...

It looks such fun! A Happy Easter to you -- I'd be overwhelmed if any of those was my "Easter basket!"

Penny said...

Love the baskets and the garden and area you made them in.All looked very peaceful.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Happy Easter have a wonderful time with your family. The baskets are so lovely, I can imagine it would be relaxing making them. Thanks so much for the wonderful garden photo's too.

Happy days.

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