April 9, 2015

Easter Holiday Update

Easter Holiday came and went in a flash! It was a busy holiday for me. We went to visit our son and his family and got to spend time with our grandchildren. The last time we saw them was at Christmas. Of course we noticed the change in them. DGD is all grown up and clever with her writing and reading. DGS is also grown and much more mature than the last time we saw him. They both loved my homemade cookies I took them. 

While I was there I helped with cooking and froze the leftovers for when they are too busy to cook. I showed DDIL coil basket weaving. We played eco-dyeing. I helped DS shorten two pairs of pants and also covered a seat for his long-trail bike he just got. All in all I had a busy, but fun time away. Below are photos with descriptions: Hope you all had a nice Easter as well. 

Easter baskets I made years ago.
I gave them to DGC this Easter.

Country scene and wild berry found on the drive.

Quilt binding is good activity on road trips!

Started DDIL coiled basket weaving. 

I started looping Bilum weaving. Long way to go yet.

Below are photos of eco-dyeing I did with my DDIL. I have discovered lot of dye-able plants/trees on the campus where I work. I have to be quick to get the lower branches before the gardeners prune them all away. I took with me the Melbourne leaves (as Bron called them). Bron has some dye equipment so I didn't need to take any with me. 

We did bundles and jars dyeing. We streamed the bundles and in no time at all we opened them. We used varieties of leaves I took and some I gathered in Bron's garden. We are so happy with the results we got from this batch.

Jars dyeing still to be opened!

Bundles bundles!

Eucalyptus with steel-wool.
The yellow effects are from turmeric

Rose and leaves with madder roots and rusty metals.

Blue gum leaves and steel-wool.

Eucalyptus iron-bark leaves.

Bundles and a piece of silk dyed with onion skins

Nettle leaves give out beautiful yellow.

Eucalyptus silver dollars ready to roll.

Charles Bradley's rose and leaves

We went to see Charles Bradley's concert before Easter. We got a ring side stand so Charles handed me a red rose! To keep the memory alive I put the rose in a dye bundle! 

Handicraft shop in Tarcutta, NSW.

DS's long-tail bike.

In the last photo is my son's new long-tail bike that he got as a kit. He was putting it together when we were there. It's to carry both kids to and from school. He used to put them in a chariot, but they are now too big for it.  He needed my help making the seat. It was fun working in a project with my son. 

The other thing he asked me to help him was to teach him how to sew. At Christmas I gave him an old Singer 201K sewing machine that I bought for $50 years ago. I told him that the Singer 201K was the best sewing machine ever made by Singer! He looked it up and confirmed that I was right. DS wants to learn how to sew so he can start making bags for his bikes and camping. I'm pleased that he is interested in learning how to sew!

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Needled Mom said...

It sounds like it was w wonderful visit to your son's home, Nat. The dying that you did with your DIL turned out beautifully. That is a great way to keep that red rose!

I'll bet your son loved learning to sew as much as you enjoyed teaching him. My boys sewed when they were growing up and taught their wives to sew. It is such a practical thing to be able to do.

It sounds like it was a great time spent together for everyone. I can imagine that the grandchildren have changed since Christmas. Those months make such a difference.

deanna7trees said...

sounds like it was a wonderful and productive time with family. your dyeing bundles are always so neat and tidy and always in abundance. such wonderful results. have a great weekend.

Els said...

Your bundles are wonderful Nat !
Amazing how they turn out time and again ;-)
(what a lovely way to "keep" a memory rose !)

Jeannie said...

Your Easter baskets are adorable and the bundles - wow! So glad you had a good trip. My fondest memories are of times I spent creating with my Grandmother and have held strong even though she has been gone for 30 years. Have a wonderful week.

Terry said...

A busy happy making time with family. A Nat's wish come true.The bike looks very interesting. Dying, cooking and coil baskets with family I'm glad you had such a happy Easter.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a lovely post Nat! The dye bundles are lovely and how cool that your Son is keen to sew...love it!

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