June 2, 2015

First Day of Winter, Books, Market and A Lot More

First day of Winter! I know because the temperature plunged from 16'C down to 9'C just over the weekend! It's not too bad when you are keeping warm in a heated building, but it's not the best for a lunch time walk. I do miss our Aussie blue sky in Winter. I thought I had not been doing much these last couple weeks until I looked at the photos I took (good thing I took them!) I realized I was quite busy!

I was in Melbourne City one Sunday to see Kitiya at her booth at Markit @ Fed Square and another Sunday I met up with my friends for brunch. Then another day I went op-shop browsing. I also did some hunting and gathering for dye materials/plants. 

I came across some great books these last couple of weeks. Some of them I had requested with our subject librarian since last year, but for some reason they turned up all at once this week.

I know that I don't blog much these days. Dearest MIL who lives in NZ is keeping up with my blog so when she doesn't hear from me she starts to worry! Enjoy some photos and the short captions:

Weaving in circle for blog book cover to-be!

Bible cover from exhibition

I got inspired by the Bible cover that I posted here. I revisited the exhibition again to get a closer look. I want to make a cover for my blog book using the swirly looks similar to the Bible cover. I might have to make a few because I've ordered 4 blog books so far. 

Eucalyptus leaves lovingly appliqu├ęd on a
sweat shirt. Saw it at an op-shop, not bought!

Natural dyed samples page

Back cover of natural dyed samples book

Leftover natural dyed pieces for Bojagi cloth

Last year I attended natural dye workshop runs by Ilka White, my weaving teacher. I made a dye samples book too keep the samples together. I have some samples left that I will stitch into a Bojagi cloth. 

Privet berries are in season  

Stuffed and wrapped

Bundles star

Dyeing green

Hunting and gathering for dye-able materials change with seasons. The same leaves will give a different colour effect in a different season. I used to get bright orange from the same leaves, but I got green this time around in the above photo! 

Hand crafted potteries by Bridget Bodenham

Kitiya and her friend Steph at Markit at
Federation Square

I was in Melbourne City to see Kitiya's booth at Markit at Federation Square. The handmade market happens only once a year. Kitiya made a lot of her products in bright and happy colours.

Great books and magazine

More great books for inspiration

Gee's bend quilt creation

Punk by Jungo Oki

Lucky find: A lucky find today is this metal discarded document holder I rescued from my work. It was used for filling work documents, but it doesn't go with the modern office fittings we have got today. I love everything rustic and it is perfect to display my vintage fabric. It now has a home in the Tree House Studio. 

Only three months before we leave for around the world in 80 days trip. It wasn't my intention to go on an 80 days trip, but as it turns out from the day we leave until the day we arrive back is 80 days! I have been having fun making gifts for families and friends we will meet on our way.  Our itinerary is interesting and covers the places that we will either be returning to or going for the first time. Mr Notjustnat and I are both well travelled. Having lived  the life of expatiates, we can't help getting excited every time we travel. It's in our blood to keep moving.

Until next time


Nifty Quilts said...

So many beautiful and inspiring projects. Love the book and bible covers. If you're coming to the Northwest U.S., let me know!

Els said...

Ah Nat, that spiral weaving is awesome !!!

The Bojagi cloth will be wonderful with all these
pieces, love it that there's a bit of contrast in it.

Mmmmmm your eco dyes are sweet ;-)

(ha, will be counting on which one of the 80 I'll see you)

Needled Mom said...

The spiral weaving is so interesting. Is it done with bias strips? Your dying is beautiful in every season.

It must have been a thrill to visit Kitiya's booth. She must get her talents from her mom. ;-)

80s days? How funny that is that it turned out to be just that number. You are certainly going to have fun with Mr. Notjustnat. I hope you can blog along the way.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Love that book Nat! Wow it won't take long for that 3 months to come by!

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