December 4, 2015

New York New York

New York, New York. I always wanted to say that! It was a busy stop in New York. We stayed in Brooklyn and took daily trips into Manhattan every day on the Metro. There is so much to do in NYC. We covered a lot in the eight days we were there. Mr Notjustnat and I enjoyed taking photographs in NYC. Every little single thing was worth photographing there. Now you understand why there are so many great photographers coming out of NYC!

There are wonderful museums and galleries in NYC. We visited many of them in a short time. We walked the High Line and crossed the Brooklyn Bridge by foot. I visited Etsy head office and I met up with my childhood friend of fifty years! 

Map of Manhattan

Traffic in Manhattan

Celtic design on the wall of Halsey St station

One of these houses was our Airbnb apartment

Looking for breakfast! What's for breakfast?

Tall buildings in NY

We visited MOMA, the Metropolitan Museum, Brooklyn Museum and the Guggenheim Museum seeing great art. We saw works from the same artists in Amsterdam, London, Berlin and Munich. It made me wonder how many of these great works these artists actually produced? I have a lot of reading to do about these paintings.

Broadway Boogie Woogie 1942-43
Piet Mondrian

Agapanthus 1914-26, Claude Monet

Girl Before A Mirror 1932, Pablo Picasso

By Gustav Klimt

By Gustav Klimt

Gustav Klimt

Portrait of Joseph Raulin 1883
Vincent van Gogh

Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat 1887
Vincent van Gogh

Little Dancer 1879-1881 Edgar Degas

A book by Alberto Burri

Ground 0, 911 Memorial 

The new World Trade centre buildings

Bench at Times Square

Rockefeller Center Ice-link

With Julie Schneider at Etsy HQ

I walked the Brooklyn Bridge

I also walked the High Line

My stitching journal of Brooklyn

We've left NYC and visited Seattle for a quick stop for 4 days. We are now in Vancouver before heading home with a short stop in Auckland. I'm feeling a little sad that our trip is coming to an end. But I'm also looking forward to going home. No place like home right? 

I will cover both Seattle and Vancouver on my next post. Don't miss it. I'm having a fantastic time in Vancouver with my friends here! I hope to be able to get the post up before the Christmas holidays. I hope everyone is gearing up for the holiday season. Having travelled through the US and Canada and seeing all the holidays ornaments everywhere in shops and malls, I now feel that it's time to get home and start to decorating my house too. 

Until next time


Susanne richter-antonijevic said...

dear nat and tom, hope you arrive well at home soon,it was so nice to follow your trip around the world, good memories for you and us,too. our daughter is on a good way to health again but it will take quite some time until she is really recovered again,take care,hugs,susi

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Oh thanks for the photo of Monet's painting, you made my day. Enjoy the rest of the trip.

Happy days.

วรรัตน์ ไชยเสน said...

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