December 19, 2015


Entering Vancouver from Seattle by train the first eye catching image is this The Pattullo Bridge. The bridge reminds me of the Auckland harbour bridge in Auckland where we lived for some time. The train ride was very pleasant. It was a good way to arrive in Vancouver. The morning was mostly foggy along the way, but when we arrived the fog had cleared. We would really like to do it again; maybe Vancouver to Seattle next time! 

As I said on my last post the Vancouver part of the trip was supposed to be easy going with no specific itinerary except that I wanted to see my friend Elizabeth. Elizabeth and I met on the Silk Study Tour in 2011. The day after I arrived Elizabeth and her friend Suri picked me up from our Airbnb apartment in the city. They plan was to take me to Grandville Island and visit Maiwa Stores. That is exactly what I was hoping to do! Off we went from the morning until late in the afternoon before they dropped me back with the promise that we will do it again before I left. 

The 76-year old Pattullo Bridge, Vancouver

One cold foggy morning, Vancouver City

I could see a cruise ship docking at the harbour from our apartment 

The girls got to have fun!

Piecing new project on the trip

Naturally dyed silk threads from Silk Weaving Studio

Bundling with local plants and flowers

Maiwa Handprints

Vintage indigo fabric at Maiwa Handprints

Fun day in Stanley Park

Watch-out for a bear in Stanley Park!

Spreading out what we gathered

Look at the hands gesture!

Result on silk blouse

BORO piecing for more stitching on the trip.

Vancouver was a much more enjoyable stop than I expected! It was lovely to be reunited with Elizabeth again and got to meet Suri who has been following my blog for a long time. I think Suri knows more about me that I know myself! 

Thanks Elizabeth and Suri for taking good care of me and showing me your unforgettable city. I love all my goodies I brought home. I will miss our fun time together in Vancouver. 

I spent a few days putting up my Christmas decorations before returning to work. Everyone at work asked what my favourite place was on my journey! To be honest, I can't answer that. I enjoyed all the places I visited. I will highlight them in my future posts. 

For now, thanks all for following my wonderful 'Around the world in 80 days' trip. You can revisit all the posts from my trip again by clicking here, or click under the 'around the world in 80 days' labels on the sidebar. 

Until next time


Needled Mom said...

It sounds like Vancouver was every bit as wonderful as your other stops. We have been there twice and loved it both times.

Welcome home. I'm looking forward to future remembrances from your trip.

deanna7trees said...

what a wonderful adventure you had. i so enjoyed following along with all your images and posts. have a wonderful holiday season.

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