January 4, 2016


2016 yes, it is here! I read so many online New Year resolutions and they have inspired me. Sadly I didn't make any myself! What will be will be! That how it is for me in 2016. Having had a busy and exciting year last year I must admit I'm a bit tired and want to take it easy this year. I can hear you think, that's not like you! 

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and even better New Year! Whatever you did I hope it was safe, fun and healthy. 

Looking back to 2015 for me was busy, exciting and fun. I had the best time on our Around the world in 80 days trip. The planning now seemed easy, but to think how many countries and cities we visited. It is hard to believe we did it. Everything we planned turned out perfectly. We didn't have any cancellations, delays, missing flights or sickness! In a trip like that one you can't ask for more. The arrangement with families and friends along the way went very smoothly and better than we expected as well. We visited some places for the first time. The places that we had already been to turned out to be as enjoyable as we were hoping for. The accommodation we booked through Airbnb was better that we saw in the pictures. We loved each and everyone of them! Thank you Airbnb! If you haven't already read my posts about my trip please click back to older posts or click HERE.

Today I'm going to share with you some of my Christmas decorations and a some small finished pieces I did since I returned. I've also got a few inspirations that I hope to start soon. Enjoy!

Summer New Year banner to wish you a Happy New Year

Colourful hearts ornaments I have been making

The Treehouse Christmas

My favorite Dear Santa Quilt came out
to play at Christmas

The Trio. Angel, Santa and Snowman

Over sized Christmas Crazy quilt brooch

Complete this Peace for Paris
I started on the trip.

A long slow cloth for 2016 stitching project

A quilt I really like to make in 2016

Vintage cotton yukata at the Blue Alchemy
Exhibition at the NGV

That is it from me. I'm now back to work. It's a holiday period for my university. The only students around are there for summer school. My library is going through a major renovation at the moment. It is due for completion at the end of 2016. I'm excited to be working in the newly renovated library once it's finished. 

I would love to hear what everyone's New Year resolutions are. Please share.

Until next time.


Susanne richter-antonijevic said...

my dear nat, we are back from sweden since saturday,and i think it has never been so nasty weather there than the last 2 weeks,storm,rain and cold and then snow and ice,but in our little house it was warm and cosy.i am knitting socks since you were here but i sold so much(what is good)that i always must start all over again,so i have not much to show in the moment,i wish you and tom a very good new year,love,susi

deanna7trees said...

i no longer make resolutions for the new year. the only thing i really would like to accomplish is to stay organized and avoid clutter. i've been cleaning out my crafts room for the past 2 weeks and have made good progress....the trick is to keep it that way. wishing you and your family a happy, healthy new year.

baukje said...

Happy and healthey new year for you and your family,Nat. I can imagine that you are tired!
I don't have new years resolutions. I love to live each day as it comes...... So many friends are severely ill. so i count my, our blessing and enjoy every day.

Jeannie said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2016 will be filled with peace, creativity, and joy for you and your's. I quite making resolutions, too. I realized that while lofty goals are fine, they are just "lofty". :) Your long cloth for stitch has me intriqued and I hope you tell us more in the future. Wishing you all the best in the new year.

Trace Willans said...

I think 'taking it easy' is a very good New Years Resolution. Mine is 'Change'. I like keeping it simple with plenty of room to move

Penny said...

Have a happy and creative 2016 Nat.

Needled Mom said...

There are no more resolutions at my age!!! ;-) I gave that up long ago. I go with the flow as well.

You had such an exciting year and I know that you will enjoy this year in its own way, Nat.

I just love the way your treehouse looked for Christmas. Your hearts have always fascinated me and the Santa quilt is just fabulous.

Have a wonderful, wonderful 2016, Nat.

Peggy said...

You amaze me, Nat -- 80 days of travel and you even decorated for the holidays! When you can look back on something and see that it was everything and more than you envisioned, then you were in the flow. So happy it was like that for you.

I love your decorations -- it would be hard to choose a favorite but your hearts catch my eye.

I've chosen a word for the year via the Susannah Conway site -- flourish. It about covers it all, doesn't it? :) xoxo

Terry said...

The New Year is always a time for reflection. Your trip and mine have given us all new directions and inspirations. Life is grand no matter what we're up too. Enjoy the quieter time at school .

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

I'm with you this year - 'what will be will be' Thanks for sharing your Christmas decorations, I was so busy I didn't put any up this year so its nice to enjoy someone else's. Thanks for the link to the Blue exhibition I must go and check that out. Happy New Year!

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