January 19, 2016

Second Half of January

Second half of January found me cruising into 2016 and getting back to my old routine. Getting back to work is good for me. It creates a good routine through the week and lets me be free in the weekends to play. I visited the art galleries both in Melbourne and Canberra. We do have great exhibitions here in Australia. Every winter there is a travelling exhibit of masterpieces. This winter we are expecting work of Edgar Degas. I have seen many on our trip, but you never have enough of the great things! 

I was itching to get back into dyeing as well. The opportunity came last weekend when I had a free Sunday afternoon. There was so much I could do around the Treehouse studio, but dyeing was calling me louder so that is what I did. I must say I missed dyeing with Eucalyptus leaves.

For my craft related activities I did a quick change over in the Treehouse. I put my eco-print fabric on the old ladder. It looks great as well. I will think of something else to put there later on in the year. While I was searching in the Treehouse I came across the mini Christmas star quilt I started a couple Christmases ago. I'm determined to get it done this year! Quick as a flash I started working on a journal cover for another textile trip back to Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Chiang Mai and Bangkok at Easter. I also got a lucky find to share with you. So please read on...

Vintage summer yukata at the NGV,
Blue Alchemy exhibition.

The Treehouse with eco-print fabric.

Gathering dyeing materials

Ready to roll on vintage silk 

Resting the rolls after steaming

Hanging them outside to dry

Some really vivid colour from blue gum leaves

Mini Christmas Star quilt in the making

Journal cover work in progress 

The front of the Journal cover complete

Back of the journal

Part of my job is to decorate this display
cabinet. The boss only wants to have handmade
and recycled items in there. Everything here
is from my Wednesday Craft sessions! 

Lucky Find: Here is my lucky find in the holiday. A felt hat made in Melbourne. In Melbourne there are many famous hat makers because of the Melbourne Cup event that is held on the first Tuesday of November of each year. The tradition for Melbourne Cup is to wear a fancy hat, even for men. So I found this hat at an op-shop when I was in Canberra. It fits me perfectly, but the band needed replacing. So a bit of my dyed fabric is perfect for it!

It looks a million dollars, I think!

I had a day exploring Melbourne Lanes at the
weekend.It was a hot day so my
hat came in handy.

I must tell you a bit about the journal cover. I found old woollen vest from one of my op-shop visits. It has woollen embroidery in the front. But there were also moth holes in places. I was planning to mend it, but when I was looking for fabric to make the journal cover I thought it would be perfect for it, so I used it instead. Giving new life to old things is now my passion and it gives me lot of pleasure!

Hope all is well out there. Is everyone cruising back to life beautifully after the holidays? Thanks for dropping by. Please do leave me a comment. I'd love to hear from you!

Until next time


Needled Mom said...

That journal cover is absolutely beautiful, Nat. It is such a gorgeous repurposing!

It looks like January is off to a great start for you. It is always hard to decide which project to work on when you have so many loves and do them all so well.

Terry said...

You have always been a great upcycler and your hat and journal cover are great. Enjoy the adventures of life.

Jeannie said...

I love your hat! I look horrid in most hats, but I love to wear them. They just make you feel a little better. The journal cover is gorgeous! I love how you combined the wool with other pieces. And, the fabric! Oh my, how gorgeous are they? I think my baby eucalyptus trees have made it through the winter. I planted them on a whim. They are usually grown here as annuals and as accents to pots gardens, but I just couldn't throw them out, so into the garden they went. Crossing my fingers for success. Have a fabulous week!

Susanne richter-antonijevic said...

dear nat ,love the new journalcover and you look great with that hat!!hugs to you and tom.susi

taiqi said...

Hi Nat, I always love to see what you are working on. I work on hearts also--they can be addictive. Lately I have been working on quilts with yukata fabrics. I have a BIG stash.
I am really sorry that I couldn't meet up with you and Elizabeth in Vancouver. My husband's cancer surgery that day was successful. I know I will see you some time. Take care dear friend. Janet Wright San Juan Island

Els said...

Love the old bits that make the journal cover !

(Hot down there ... the hat looks great on you ;-) !)

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

How wonderful to turn a moth eaten piece of clothing into something a little more useful and pretty. You can never have enough hats, you look great in yours. Good luck with finishing your projects.

Have a lovely weekend.


neki desu said...

your treehouse looks great. all those beautiful dyed fabricsand such an orderly place! puts me into shame .

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