February 29, 2016

Vertigo - Ménière's disease

A few years ago I had never heard of the word Vertigo or Ménière's disease! Suddenly last week I came down with this Vertigo disease. Now the word Vertigo sounds like my best friend to me! Vertigo knocked me literally flat on my back for a week. Every time I opened my eyes the room would take me for a spin for a long moment! The only way to stop the ceiling from spinning was to keep both eyes shut tight. Imagine having to do that for a week. Not fun, not at all! As doctor ordered I was off work for the whole week. I really needed that too. 

I felt a little better on the fifth day. I was able to have a shower while holding on to something. I found a cold shower helped to knock out Vertigo. It's definitely a warm weather disease! 

No question about attempting to do something fine so during my visit up at the treehouse I found some old doilies I has collected to make pincushions. I decided I would make a couple of them. They were long overdue on the must make list. The next day I felt even better so I put on a batch of dye. Dyeing doesn't need any fine tuning skills or concentration. I could do that even when I was light headed!

Pincushions turned out lovely.
I should make a few more!

Dye bundles resting the following day

Gathering odds and ends for dyeing

Little beauty from a friend goes splendidly
with my dyed fabric. 

I'm now well again so returning to work is a must. I only spent half a day for the first day back. Half a day was spent explaining to all my caring colleagues what was wrong with me that made me take a whole week away from work. It was touched to get all that attention and care from friends and colleagues. I'm so lucky to be part of such a wonderful working environment!

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Els said...

Ahhhh Nat ! I hope you get really well SOON !
Must be horrible to have to keep your eyes shut
for such a long time !!! (only the thought of it
makes me shiver !!!)

Love that pincushion !!! is that a doily on top ???

All the best and love to you (and Tom) dear Nat !

deanna7trees said...

i'm impressed that you press on with 'doing' despite the vertigo. hope it was a one time visit and will keep its distance from now on. the pin cushion turned out great. a nice way to use those doilies. stay well.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Glad you are feeling better. i love the pincushions.

Penny from S.C. said...

My mother has been battling Meniere's disease for a long time. She had surgery on one ear while I was very little and has been having the falling spells quite a bit again lately. She just went through a bunch of test to see if it's in the other ear now. She would just be standing beside you and the next thing you know, she's falling backwards. She's constantly grabbing at whatever she can to try to catch herself so I can sympathize with what you've been going through. Get well soon and hopefully it won't progress any further!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh dear Nat not good news...I'm hearing more and more about this disease! Take care and make sure you are near something for balance!

Betty from My Irish Cottage Home said...

I hope you feel better soon. Years ago I had a problem with one of my ears and was light headed and dizzy for weeks, but I was lucky and it was only an ear infection. I will say a prayer for you.

Penny said...

Oh dear National, not nice. I had a brother in law who had Munger, he found eating certain foods could trigger it.

Nifty Quilts said...

Glad you are better now. Your pin cushions are lovely!

neki desu said...

nat, i suffered from vertigo attacks.google epley maneuver,there are vids on youtube.
easy and does not cost anything. 3 times and my vertigo went away.
it simply replaces some crystals that are located in the inner ear whose displacement causes the vertigo
doctors tend to prescribe more costly therapies/remedies,even surgery, until you find one that really cares about health and performs the epley manouver on you ending your predicament.

ARTISUN said...

Oh no, I had vertigo last year for a week, way worst then morning sickness. I too was in bed for a week. I hope to never, ever get it again. So good to know you are up and about again. Take care Nat. xxoxoxo

Stange and ich said...

what beautiful things you have here.
The pictures are really beautiful !!!!
Snowy greetings

Needled Mom said...

Oh Nat....that is such a terrible diagnosis. I am so glad that you are feeling better and hope you continue to improve and never have another bout of it.

Those pincushions are simply elegant!

Wendy Moseley said...

Hi, do you do any eco dying workshops in the Melbourne area and if so when?

Wendy Moseley said...

Hi, do you do any eco dying workshops in the Melbourne area and if so when?

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