March 14, 2016

Dyeing and Quilting

As usual March is creeping up on us without any warning! Even though February has 29 days it didn't help much. Life is getting back to normality again for me. Apart from a slight dizziness when I get up in the morning and lie down in the evening, I feel much much better. I've returned to the gym after work, but I'm particularly careful not to fall. To my surprise I'm feeling okay, thanks goodness!

Even though I haven't spent much time in the Treehouse studio lately, I did get back into dyeing a bit. The Eucalyptus trees are now in full swing with the flower buds. I feel that the Eucalyptus is its best during the flowering season. The flower buds give beautiful impressions on fabric when dyeing. I love that intricate clutter of buds on silk fabric! 

I have some great images below to share with you. Don't forget to read the captions of each image.   

Beautiful Pink Flowering Gum

Bundles resting before unwrapping

My dyeing station is always inviting

Dye bundles after steaming

Imprint of flower seed buds

Something is going right here! 

Lino-cutting from a fun Sunday!

Apart from dyeing and lino-cutting I did fit in a bit of traditional quilting in the last couple of weeks. I started heart stitching since Valentines Day in Feb. I love the simplicity of the heart shape! I always added a heart shape in all my stitching projects. I continue to work on Indigo moons as part of Quilt 365 challenge I started earlier this year. I'm happy to say that I've caught up with the block to date! 

2016 Valentines Hearts

Indigo Moons up to date!

I'm looking forward to another textile trip at Easter. This time I'm going with my friend Mary Burgess who is a weaver. We are going to Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Chiang Mai, and while I'm in that part of the world I will stop to visit my family in Bangkok for the last few days. I'm looking forward to returning to Chiang Mai as well. The last time I was there I must have been in my 20s. 

So I will be off blogging until I return in the middle of April. Then you can read all about my textile trip adventures. You can always check out my daily photos on Instagram

Until next time


deanna7trees said...

always such wonderful adventures and stunning images here. enjoy your travels and stay well.

Penny said...

Have a safe and wonderful time. I look forward to your report on your adventures when you get home. Love the photos in this blog.

Els said...

A wonderful combination : the quilting and dyeing ;-)
(your indigo moons are my favorite, I think)

(thought of you when I took those pictures, especially the "Markthal")

Els said...

Forgot : have a WONDERFUL trip !!!
Love, Els.

Carmina said...

I just discovered your blog and I'm excited about your works, quilts and paintings. I like the idea Indigo Moons ...
Bucharest, Romania

Needled Mom said...

Glad to read you are well enough to go on your trip. Your dyeing is stunning - the colors so rich and pretty.

I love your hearts and indigo moons.

Have a great trip and we will look forward to hearing all about it.

baukje said...

Wheni see your eucalyptus dying i long for spring so i can do the same......

Laraib Khan said...

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Jillayne said...

A textile trip with a friend - how lovely. I have a friend that I meet up with some years and we take in a few lectures at the Maiwa Textile Symposium in Vancouver - this year I'm hoping to add a class to the mix. There is just nothing as inspiring as learning new things about textiles..
I'm glad to read you are feeling better! I read with sorrow that you have been suffering with vertigo. I know a few people who have been afflicted with it, and from what I know it is just awful. I'm hoping by now it is well and truly behind you and that you have a marvelous journey!

Lay Hoon said...

You definitely have gained alots in your S.E trip.
By the way, I really love the masterpiece, indigo moon.

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