July 7, 2016

Mostly Dyeing and Stitching

It's been awhile since I updated my blog, but the dyeing and stitching is still going on. I got into the  habit of photographing so my photos are handy whenever I have time to blog. 

At the end of June I was away to look after my GS for a week. It was a nice change from my normal work routine. While I was away I did quite a bit of eco-dyeing and a bit of stitching as well. I started working on a journal cover for my trip to Hokkaido later this year. I completed the journal cover and I was told I should keep it as a decorative cloth instead of making it into journal cover!  

Should I use it for a journal cover
or a decorative cloth?

Quickly whipped up 2 more needle rolls for
gifts while I was away.

Rolled-up lots and lots of bundles while
I was away. 

Sharing my newly acquired vintage tin and
other favourite things.

Some great results from the dyed bundles. 

Half and half opened bundle

Bright and clear printing on wool.

I remembered to photograph it before rolling it up

Lovely gift from DIL. She made this for a
class sample.

On my return I hung some of the new pieces in
the Treehouse Studio.

I don't think I've shown you my new floor cushions
I brought back from Metsovo, Greece

Chocolate fountain cookies as GS calls them. 

I have a few more stitching projects in the works. I've finished quilting one and I am just waiting for binding. Hopefully I can show it to you in my next blog update. I must say I'm enjoying my dyeing and stitching right now. 

We are just about more than halfway into our winter. Apart from being cold, it has been raining a lot too. When I was away in Canberra I felt that our Melbourne winter is very mild in comparison to Canberra. I actually felt hot the night after my return. I do like cooler weather more than warmer weather!

Until next time


deanna7trees said...

oh yes....cooler weather much better than the over 100 degrees we are having here and will probably have until September. so many beautiful things you have created. the decorative cloth will still be a decorative cloth if you make it into a journal cover and probably will be appreciated more as you will be picking it up and using it over and over again.
i love the grey tones in the gift you received from your DIL.
....and i'm always on the lookout for small decorative tins at the thrift store. they come in handy for storing tiny things and also for carrying small stitchings on the go.
loved seeing all the things you are doing. you are always an inspiration.

susis quilts said...

dear nat,what a lovely blog post! you are really busy. love all your dyed fabrics,and the greek cushions are wondeful,greetings to tom,take care,susi

Needled Mom said...

Your dying always makes me want to start doing more of it. Your colors are so clear and bright in your work. I LOVE the "journal" piece. I don't think I would use it as a journal cover either, but it would be beautiful no matter how you use it. Your DIL's work is lovely too.

Our summer has been quite cool so far. I'm still looking forward to some heat.

Debbie said...

I like your journal cover as a hanging and what amazing colour from your bundles.

Penny said...

Lovely post, such lovely colour,you have been busy and you always enthused me.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Nat I think it will be a beautiful Journal Cover as you will always be able to pick it up and look at it etc! Gorgeous work and love DIL's soft colours!

apiecefullife said...

Hi Nat,
That eco-dyeing is fabulous. The colours are so vivid and the colours are wonderful. Very wearable. Are you familiar with the scares and shawls at Jac and Jack? Your prints could show them a thing or 2.

Nifty Quilts said...

Your dyed fabrics and your stitching just get better and better! So fun to see.

neki desu said...

you'll make your friends happy with those beautiful needle cases.♥ all the euca cloth you have in the studio.
and definitely, cold is better. trying to get to cool country myself.

Sujata Shah said...

Nat, Your work leaves me speechless. I enjoy your pictures in my feed on IG as well as fb. Nice to see them all on your blog and visit you here.

Unknown said...

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Anu Soni said...

Your dying always makes me want to start doing more of it. Your colors are so clear and bright in your work. I LOVE the "journal" piece.

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