July 30, 2016

July Activities

If you haven't noticed, July is almost over. I bet some of you are thinking of Christmas decorations and shopping for gifts or making those special handmade gifts.

It has been a busy July for me.  I had family over for the first week of July. It was really fun to have DIL and GS over to play with. It went far too fast. Before you know it, it was over! So they left and we are back to a quiet house again. 

Later on in July I visited Ziguzagu for their winter sale. I came away with scrumptious goodies including my first boro cloth I've ever bought. I should have bought one when they were cheaper. To think that I introduced boro cloths to them more than 5 years ago! Anyway, it is what it is! The boro cloth I bought is really meant for me. Even though it was tattered, torn and for some it's just a rag. Firstly, I love the colour of indigo blue. I could see beyond what it is. All the patches are covered in lovingly stitches. With some loving care I can bring it back to live. What amazed me is that it smells clean and was well cared for before I got it. You will see photos below.

Apart from shopping for a bargain I went to an antique quilt exhibition called 'Making the Australian Quilt 1800-1950'. There were some awesome quilts on display. I only took some photos of the quilts I like to share with you here. Also photos for some dyeing I did in the last couple of weeks.

The Westbury Quilt (Sampler quilt).
A striking white embroideries on red background.

Wagga quilt from suiting samples

Wagga Quilt, Salesman's Samples 1920

Hexagon quilt c.1830, work ing progress.

Early Tasmanian crib quilt c. 1850

My very own quilt using natural dyed samples
and natural/eco dyed silk border.

Backing of the above quilt showing
hand quilting stitches.

A new cover for my journal for Hokkaido trip.

Some scrumptious batches of dyeing.

The results from the above bundles

This one is also from the above bundle.

Photos below are from my shopping at Ziguzagu's winter sale. Ziguzagu has got everything from vintage textiles, ceramics, furniture and ornaments from Japan. 

Ziguzagu warehouse

My day bargains

BORO cloth spreading in the Treehouse 

BORO cloth hanging out to air. 

Close up of lovingly made stitches on BORO cloth

Another vintage tin (middle top shelf)

The cold and wet weather is still hanging around. It's good for taking daily walks, but definitely not good for 6:00 am exercise classes! Yes I have signed up for 3 months of boot-camp classes twice a week. The benefit from getting up early is I have free time after work. I'm also feeling good and have more energy! As I'm getting older, I feel I'm not as active as I used to be. Putting myself into the routine of going to the gym is working for me. It certainly makes me healthier. 

Until next time


deanna7trees said...

love seeing all of your treasures. the blues in that boro cloth are so appealing to me and i know you will stitch on it and make it whole again. you have a nice tin collection. i pick up interesting tins, once in a while, at the thrift store. i love them for storage of little things.
have a great weekend.

Terry said...

Nice to have time with family. The boro cloth is a treasure to make your ownas only you can.
The colours of your dying are georgeous. Enjoy August

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Great post Nat, I wish I'd read it earlier re the Ziguzagu sale! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with the boro cloth.

วรรัตน์ ไชยเสน said...

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