September 20, 2016

Spring Down Under

Spring is here. We have two beautiful fruit trees in our back yard. One is apricot and the other one is plum. They are both producing gorgeous blossoms in Spring and fruit in Summer. 

Many little projects are always on the go here in my Treehouse Studio. Also the dyeing pot is steaming away on the back deck. I often gather some dye-able leaves on my walks during the week and in the weekend I quickly prepare dye bundles and steam. I love the feeling of participation when I reveal the dye bundles. 

I'm also working on some gentle stitch projects using old doilies, lace, embroideries and beads. I have been collecting old doilies and old lace over the years. It's time to put them into good use. Another project is crazy quilt block I'm doing online. I'm really enjoying it, but a bit slow with precise stitches. It's coming along very well.  

Below are various photos of life happenings at Notjustnat's residence!

Spring blossom

A birthday present for Treehouse Studio

Lots of doilies

Book cover in the making

The Book of Tea is wrapped!

Tiny little box

First book cover using doilies


Dyed and drying

More dyeing

Old leaves to dye for

CQ basic block

Spring time wouldn't be the same without some spring seedlings. I potted some Petunia and Lobelia for the Treehouse Studio's landing. Can't wait for them to flower! The apricot is also full of blossoms. I hope they will give us lots of fruit this summer. I know some of you are heading into Fall/Autumn. Changing seasons is always welcome. Enjoy!

Until next time.


susis quilts said...

dear nat,what wonderful things you made, i am excited about your crazy quilt,here it smells autumn,now,hugs to tom and you,susi

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

What a lovely post Nat! Beautiful dyeing there......such striking colours! Spring has sprung here too!

deanna7trees said...

Gorgeous blossom. Spring is my favorite season but we are headed into Fall. Love what you are doing with the doilies.

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Happy Spring, how lovely to get that sign for your studio. Gosh the dyed fabrics are absolutely stunning and I love the little tin cushions. A beautiful inspiring post.

Happy days.

Needled Mom said...

Spring has sprung there! ;-)

I have loved seeing your little projects on IG. The tea book is darling and that little mini box is so sweet.

Your dying has been incredible. You will have so much fun fabric to work with.

Your crazy stitching is coming along beautifully too.

MulticoloredPieces said...

Hi, Nat. Love your post--your dyed fabrics are fabulous. I inherited a doily collection, so I always enjoy seeing what others do with them...other than use them for doilies! The book covers are really cute!

Dasha said...

There are some fabulous designs on the dyed fabrics. I love petunias. They are such cheerful flowers which cover the garden with gay abandon.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Thank you very much.

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