August 29, 2016

Show and Tell in August

A bit of show and tell for August which is almost over! How are you all? Hope you have time to stop and smell the roses this year. 2016 seems to be unwinding quickly for me. 

In August I have been dabbling with a few things as usual! Finishing little projects is always rewarding! I finished a Christmas brooch in the shape of bauble. I did one years ago in a heart shape and wore it for many Christmases. I also finished a Furoshiki, wrapping cloth I started on my round the world in 80 days trip last year. I did more dyeing as well of course!

The Blue sea and Stars quilt on my first photo below was finished a couple of years ago. I use it on the bed in the guest bedroom. I get so many compliments every time someone comes to stay. I still can't believe I finished such a big quilt, and I am loving it! 

I have signed up for a basic crazy quilt online workshop with Kathy Shaw. CQ would have been my first love for quilting because it's crazy! Kathy Shaw has taken me back to basics with rules that I'm not very good at, but I can do it! Enjoy the pics...

Sea and Stars Quilt

Furoshiki in preparation

Furoshiki finished

Furoshiki wrapped

Wool dyed green

Some moons dyed

BCQ supplies

Beads and stuff for CQ

CQ block

Christmas bauble brooch

Christmas heart brooch

Also boro block, new beginning

Good reading!

I have been reading some great books lately. I just finished reading 'The Miniaturist' by Jessie Burton. I just started 'Girl With A Pearl Earring'. Both of these books are set in the city of Delft (Amsterdam) in the 1700's.

Until next time


Needled Mom said...

I am always so inspired when I visit your blog. You "play" with so many fun techniques and have such amazing results.

I am looking forward to seeing your crazy quilting. It is perfect for you with all of the stunning hand stitching you do on your projects.

The Furoshiki is beautiful and the green dying is as well.

Els said...

Ahhhh Nat, busy, busy, busy ! (and more plans, I see.
Your Sea of stars (ha, ha) is wonderful and nearly
finished (?)
Great moons, and that boro piece ... like to see more !

deanna7trees said...

everything you do is always so beautiful. have you seen the furoshiki shoes? they wrap around your feet. i think the video was on Facebook a few days ago.

deanna7trees said...

here's the video of the furoshiki shoes....

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful new and old works! I love that quilt too.

สุทธาสินี แสงทอง said...

Being able to express these activities is a precious thing and it will keep me on track for as long as possible.

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