February 6, 2017

How was your Christmas?

I know Christmas is done and dusted, but sorry I haven't got around to sharing my Christmas post with you. It was my turn to host Christmas at our house this year so as you can imagine with me working full time and trying to organise Christmas soon after I finished work. It was a very hectic time! 

We offered DS and DIL to look after the grandchildren so they could spend time away by themselves. They took off to New Zealand for a two-week well earned holiday. They had a lovely holiday while we enjoyed having the grandchildren by ourselves. We kept them and us busy with trips to the parks, swimming pool, ferry ride, library and visiting with friends. Kitiya kindly took them off our hands for a few days after I returned to work. I think we were out of practice with young kids, but we tried our best and all went well.

Hope you all had a nice Christmas whatever you were doing. 2017 is well on its way. I started back to work soon after the New Year. I have no big travel plans this year. I'm saving up for the 2018 Tokyo International Quilt Festival. We will take small trips within Australia this year. 

Below are my Christmas photos to share with you. The captions will explain what they all are. Enjoy!

New acquired Christmas decoration
from Hokkaido 

 My Christmas tree for the last 16 years.
I've bought a new tree for next Christmas!

Stick tree decorated with wooden bells.
The bell quilt I made when I wasn't a quilter!

Redwork tree in the Treehouse studio

Sweet Candy quilt was used for the first time

Various decorations on the tree

Close-up of the tree

Santa Quilt and Santa figurines

A few of Jim Shaw's Santa figurines I own

Treehouse Studio got decorated too

A few small Christmas quilts

Soft Angels

I made a couple of new baubles this year

Santa redwork UFO. Got to get it finished

Pillow cover I made for little Anna 15 years ago

Christmas tree at my desk with recycled
coffee capsules

Cards and decorations at my desk

Christmas table in red and white

Christmas baking

Christmas preserving - Apricot Jam

Visiting Nordic friends on the holiday

 New Christmas tree for 2017 - Boxing Day sale

Went cruising on the Yarra river.

Happy New Year everyone

I was so glad that I managed to squeeze Christmas post in. Every year in January I like to print out my blog. I know I haven't blogged regularly in recent years. Blogging is my life journal. I post things that I make, and share the places I visit. It's great to look back and remember what I did and where I have been. I'm looking forward to receiving my 2016 blog book. 

Until next time


Terry said...

Happy Christmas post.. I remember some of the decorations and shared times. Yes Christmas with grandchildren sure takes a lot of energy but is well worth it. Sure wouldn't trade for quids.

Needled Mom said...

It was nice to see a Christmas post. I'm sure you were busy with the grandchildren, but I know you made some wonderful memories - and the parents had a fabulous break!

mycamerandme365 said...

Hi, I'm interested to hear how you print out your Blog. Do you have it commercially done and if so where do you recommend? Thanks!

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Happy New Year to you, too Nat. Lovely Christmas post :)

สุทธาสินี แสงทอง said...

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