March 15, 2018

Kyoto - 2018

We visited Kyoto 7 years ago. It was actually our first trip to Japan trip. This time the trip was more tailored to specific things I wanted to do and see. We stayed in this beautiful hotel Misui Garden. The room was almost big enough for the two of us! But in saying that, the hotel was beautiful and the Japanese style breakfast was plentiful and delicious. 

Apart from planning to hit the Toji Temple flea market on the 22nd of each month we also went back to the places we visited 7 years earlier. The flea market was a success. I was glad I decided to go there. There were so many cool stores and lots and lots of boro/indigo vintage fabrics to die for! The market was so big and busy that I feel I need to go back for another visit to see the rest of it. 

Our son and his family joined us on this trip so we got to spend time with them as well. I suggested that we should visit Nara while we were there. So we did. I knew the grand kids would enjoy the deer park in Nara. 

After Kyoto, we went to Tokyo in time for the Tokyo International Quilt Festival. I will blog about that on the next post. 

Japanese Garden

View from the hotel lobby into the garden

Kyoto Manhole cover

Kimono ladies in Kyoto

Fushima Inari Shrine

Nanzen-ji Garden, Kyoto

Warning sign at Nara deer park

Deer feeding

Toji Temple flea-market store

Toji Temple flea-market, more store

BORO/Indigo/ Vintage fabric
at the flea-market

Ikebana arrangement
at Kyoky Station

I got a lot more of photos, but I don't want to overwhelm you in one post. The next post I will blog about Tokyo and the Tokyo International Quilt Festival.

Until next time


taiqi said...

I always enjoy your posts. I hope you bought some "boro" . I would love to go back to Japan again.
Janet Wright

พีรดา สายแสง said...
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deanna7trees said...

sounds like a fabulous trip and oh....all that boro.

Terry said...

Travel always gives you interesting stories and photos. Your grandchildren must be getting big by now. My first 2 are both in high school. The youngest one is talking about visiting friends in Japan and going to school ( pre-school) one day a week. They grow up so fast.

Needled Mom said...

I so enjoyed following your visit on IG. The photos were just fabulous. You always visit the most interesting places.

สุทธาสินี แสงทอง said...

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Genting Princess

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