March 2, 2018

Hong Kong 2018

I have recently been on holiday in Japan. On our way we got a free stopover in Hong Kong. The last time we were in Hong Kong was before it was returned to China. We didn't see much change except the usual development of the crowded city.  Hong Kong was the first overseas city I went to, so it was interesting and sentimental for me. We stayed on Kowloon side which was vibrant and lively, specially in the evening. We had street food where the locals hang-out. 

We did the usual sight seeing, museum and a few galleries. We love trecking into the back street areas, soaking the atmosphere of the city. We went to where we used to visit years ago - Stanley Village. We had to travel over an hour by local bus to the other side of Hong Kong island. Stanley Village wasn't how we remembered it. The old fishing village is now as touristy as you can imagine. It was so disappointing, but the bus ride was fun. 

A friend who used to lived in Hong Kong told me to visit Mountain Folkcraft shop in the heart of Hong Kong. We tracked it down with the help of Google map. It's a shop you can easily spend a whole day in.

Then I found the Sham Shui Po market. It's full of fabric and sewing supplies where local tailors and dressmakers shop! It's mostly an outdoor and pavement market. You can buy beads and sequins by weight and sewing pins by the thousand. It was such fun strolling along and just looking. Mostly just looking!  

Hong Kong Victoria Harbor

Prayer shrine found in HK back street

Wo On Lane, HK

Mountain Folk craft

Back Street, HK

Stanley Village - what's left

Original cottage at Stanley Village

Sham Shui Po Market

Chinese New Year

More Chinese New Year

Heart beads I bought from the market

More goodies from the market

As usual I always take some stitching projects to work on during my holiday. It's the best way to pass the time while waiting. I even stitched on the 9-hour plane ride. In Hong Kong I stitched a roll using eco-dyed and scrap vintage Japanese fabric. 

In Japan I did boro stitching using vintage indigo fabric. I will share all of them once I tidy them up a bit. 

When I returned I got the flu and wasn't feeling well for a couple of weeks. Even though I was back at work, mentally I didn't feel that good. I was tired and didn't have energy. I was feeling low in general. I'm glad to report that I'm back to my old self again. I picked up sewing and started creating again. I've also gone back to the gym. Keeping myself fit is the key.

On my next post I will write about our time in Kyoto and the Kyoto Toji outdoor market. I won't leave it too long in between posts this time.

Until next time


gream said...

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taiqi said...

Glad to have you back blogging. You always see the most unusual places .
When will you be moving? Are you going to build a house? It must be sad to leave your beautiful studio----but you can always build another one.
I am enjoying working on the samples for Sue Stone's class. It really opens up incredible possibilities that I haven't even thought of--with such simple stitches. Janet Wright

Nanette said...

Love your back street photos, I always do this too when I travel. Look forward to hearing about your adventures in Japan.

Terry said...

Traveling is always a learning experience. Coming home sick is not so good.Glad your better

kodulehe valmistamine said...

Beautiful pictures! Japan, love it!

apiecefullife said...

Great post Nat. I love Hong Kong more than ever. I will have to note down those places.
And thank you for blogging...
I think I am going to go back to blogging. I am so sick of Ig and the way everything is shuffled so i don't see the most recent posts and then I miss things NOT to mention all the ads.
Hopefully I will see you soon somewhere.

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