April 8, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone

A few days away from the Easter Holiday. This post is dedicated to that special time of year when chocolates come in all shapes and sizes. I don't eat chocolate (I can hear you saying 'she must be nuts!), yes it is true, chocolate has never been a favourite of mine. It doesn't mean I don't buy them...! I buy them to give away as gifts. I like Easter because of all the bright coloured eggs, the chicks and happy bunnies running riot...!

In the Dyeing Sunday post I was dyeing fabrics and threads and I promised to show you the result of how they turned out. Here is the pearl cotton thread I dyed in balls. It was quite a mess to untangle and wind it into hanks. It was a satisfying process because I ended up with more than 2 dozen scrumptious threads to play with. They all turned out great. With the dyed threads I have added some hand-painted Easter Eggs that my friend Marjorie used to give me every Easter. Sadly she is no longer with us...! I miss you Marjorie.

More dyed threads for the bunnies to play around in. I rescued these two bunnies from an opportunity shop a few years ago. They come out to play at Easter time.

These running bunnies are a new addition this year. The pattern came from ALLSORTS BLOG.
I have been wearing them to work since Monday and have got lot of compliments already. ALLSORTS BLOG is really cute so check it out.

Mother hen and the baby chicks mobile is for my granddaughter's first Easter. I re-purposed this project. I made the chicks for my daughter when she was a baby 25 years ago. The mother hen was an egg warmer I picked up from an opportunity shop, I filled it with poly fill and attached the chicks to it. The mobile turned out nicely. They are a very happy looking bunch of chickens, if you ask me. Happy Easter to all you lovely people out there.



Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Now Natima...can I please have your share???
Cood threads there...gorgeous colours...
And how sweet to use your Daughter's chicks again...that must make your Heart swell♥
And a very Happy Easter to you dear Natima...enjoy the visit with your little Grand daughter and if things work out we will get to catch up ♥x

Lurline said...

A Happy Easter to you and yours, Natima! Love those bunnies!
Hugs - Lurline♥

ilovebabyquilts said...

I love those tiny chicks! I like them better in your header than in the mobile, but they are much more practical in the mobile! Good on ya!

Browndirtcottage said...

Happy Easter to you too....love your bunnie pins!!!

Micki said...

Oh Nat, the threads are gorgeous! I hope that you and yours have a very Happy Easter.

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