October 3, 2012

Geelong Fibre Forum

Last weekend my son and his family were visiting. It was good timing for me to take DDIL with me to the TAFTA Geelong Forum open day. Even though I don't attend the week long workshops at TAFTA Geelong Forum, I make sure I get there on the open day when it's open for public viewing. This is the day when the potential participants decide if they would like to attend the next year workshop.

The first exhibition we saw was from eco-dyed workshop by India Flint. The fantastic display of dyed cloths were very interesting for me too. I also showed DDIL how to eco-dye so it was interesting for her as well. Photography was permitted so I would like to share some with you.

There were such varieties of samples on the display. I was happy to see that the dyed fabric from the workshops are not much different from mine that I dye at home. I must be doing something right!

More samples in different shapes and shades. How wonderful to think that all these fabrics were dyed using leaves and water.

The eco-dyed display was very popular and attracted a lot of interest. I took DGC with us so I didn't have a chance to chat with anyone.

Some pieces here in the above photo have already got stitching on them. I bet they all had fun creating their cloths.

Another workshop at the Forum was indigo dye by Miyoko Kawahito. All the samples look very yummy. I can see lots of shibori patterns were made here. I bet they all had fun in this workshop too.

More indigo samples on another table. I love the white polk-a-dot piece, I wonder how they dyed that. So much more to learn in the indigo dye technique.

After seeing the samples from the forum I could hardly wait to dye with some cotton t-shirts and tot-bags I brought back from Bangkok. I also had a piece of batten burg lace found from an op-shop a while ago. I soaked them in soy milk for a couple of days. The chance came on Sunday afternoon when we were home baby sitting DGC while their parents were out shopping by themselves (rare occasion for them).  

I made up seven bundles - some cotton and some silk. I had pine oak leaves solution started since autumn and it was lovely and rich ready to dye with. I still like the steaming method too so the two bundles above only sit in the steamer with some eucalyptus leaves to give a little colour.

Last week Bev from Kainga Happenings blog told me she got into eco-dyeing. I'm excited that my rambling here does rub off on some people. Bev lives in Western Australia and is a vivid gardener. I'm sure she has many plants in her own garden for dyeing! I don't use a lot of items made from my dyed fabric to show here, but as soon as I stop work and have all day to play, I will start using them.

Until next time


homeschooled said...

I loved that pale indigo with the square dots as well! The "squares" we're achieved with pegs!
I didn't do her workshop but it was great meeting India Flint. She gave a great talk one morning.

Needled Mom said...

The fabrics are all so gorgeous. I love the dots as well. I'll bet they all had a fun time creating the special pieces.

deanna7trees said...

some gorgeous pieces. wonderful to be able to see the work of others in person. have a great day.

Kim said...

are you going to retire?

Oh the possibilities are endless...what beautiful pieces. I do love the indigo the best though.......so many patterns to make and try.

thanks for sharing Nat :0)

Happy sewing

Terry said...

Wonderful tour of eco-dyed workshops.
Your results are just as interesting and for now they are giving you lots of creative fun. You don't always have to do something with the experiments just do

Bev C said...

Hello Nat,

Such beautiful pieces. Just love the blue fabrics, the possibilities are endless aren't they. So much better than buying fabric from the shops.

Happy days.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Nat I just love the colours of they dyeing...they look so 'soft'!

Lis said...

What a wonderful display of fabric yumminess. You are right, some are similar to the lovely things you create. Why do you use soy milk please? I love the way all natural dyed colours work together, so beautiful.

Dot said...

Such a beautiful post Nat - thank you for sharing so many photo's. And many thanks for the lovely piece of fabric you bought for me from Ziguzagu. Looking forward to seeing some of your fabric art in the upcoming exhibition there.
Dot xx

Peggy said...

Nat, what wonders you find! It is just not like that here where I live, I don't know why. I have never even seen an eco-dyeing workshop advertised, much less a display. But I get to be in on things through you here, so thank you. And I, too, love that indigo polka dot. xo

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