June 12, 2015

Textiles Books and Historic Tree

Not many creations in the last couple of weeks. The shorter winter days make me feel like snuggling in and get comfy in the evenings instead of being active. I have a few projects on the go that I should get on with! Ha, but I'm just too lazy! 

I did make a trip to Kazari Ziguzagu last week to check out for some vintage indigo fabric that my friend asked me to get for her. It was a lovely visit as always. I found some great textile pieces that I took photos of (not bought!). 

While I was looking for vintage indigo fabric for a friend I found some for ME (naturally) from an online shop KimoYes as well. 

I did put some stitching on my swirling cloth I'm making into a blog book cover. The problem with working without pattern is that I sometimes get stitcher's block so I have to leave it for a while. Does that happen to you too? Anyway, read the captions on each photo to see what else I did. 

Leaping bunny on Noren, indigo Katazome

Vintage Japanese textiles from KimoYes

A hemp Yukata is ready to be de-constructed, Kazari Ziguzagu

Swirly weaving with added stitching

Naturally dyed samples pieced into Bojagi cloth

Ayako's crochet blanket displayed by Cobie Lee.
Wednesday craft

Another Coptic binding book

Books and friends. Dot Christian, Ro Bruhn and Jacky Williams

Colourful Eucalyptus leaves found on a windy day

Lucky find 

I'm excited to share my lucky find with you! It's not like any lucky find I've shown you before. This time it is an historic Eucalyptus tree (Eucalyptus Camaldulensis). It is approximately 400-500 years old so it predates European settlements in Australia. River Red Gums can live up to 700 years or more. I discovered it on the campus where I work. When standing next to it, I feel like standing next to those movable trees in 'Lord of the Ring'!  

After 10 years of working here I thought I had discovered all the gardens and trees on this campus, but when I found this grand old tree I couldn't help but get excited. I have organised to take my colleagues to view the tree next Monday. A real treat for us all. 

Until next time.


Needled Mom said...

I am so enjoying watching the swirling piece come to life with your beautiful stitching.

You are going to have fun with those colorful eucalyptus leaves. I have not seen ours get that bright red color.

The fabrics are so pretty. How to you photograph fabrics and NOT buy them????? lol

That old tree looks amazing. If only it could talk.....think of the stories it could tell.

deanna7trees said...

well, i typed a comment on mu iphone but it looks like it never posted. i get emails from Kimo but so far have resisted. and yes, i also get stitcher's block so i start flipping pages in embroidery books and checking Pinterest for ideas. that old tree is a treasure. it must hold lots of secrets from long ago. we are into Summer with temps in the 90s so very thankful for air conditioning. have a great week end.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hey Nat it's ok to feel lazy sometimes and snuggle up! Looks like you have been busy anyway!

Terry said...

Deffinately the time of the year for snuggeling ( under quilts ). Your stitching is looking good . The old river red gums all look distinctive as they age and split and regrow. Very mythical.

Ro Bruhn said...

It was lovely to catch up again Nat, you're so productive. I planted a River red gum in our garden thirty odd years ago, it's enormous now. I didn't realize they lived so long.

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