October 23, 2015

London & Wales

Continue from the last blog post. We have left the UK and are now in Greece. Here are the photos from our visit to the UK. We spent 2 weeks in London staying at my sister's apartment in Chelsea. We didn't spent the whole two weeks just in London. We took 5 days of to West Wales. A mini holiday from a big holiday, if you get what I meant! Having visited and lived in London on many occasions we are familiar with the city. We used London's public transports both buses and underground. 

We visited our favourites places, galleries and museums and shops we like as well. A visit to Liberty House in Regent St. is a must! Also went to the Cloth House the shop I found on Instagram and met both Jay and Niki the owners of the shop. 

Dyeing was also part of London's visit. I ran into a Eucalyptus tree, surprise surprise! It was my lucky day that a large branch was on the ground. I gathered some and wrapped with the silk I took with me. You can see the results from photos below: 

I continue with my stitching and started another section in London and have completed it as well. Scroll down to the second part of this blog to read about West Wales: 

Red telephone booths are the icons of London. Today some
of them provide free WIFI for emergency use.

A Chelsea Pensioner Bench, very famous! 

Celtic design on a side walk. Only about 8x8". It's cute!

Faces of London found their way into my journal page

The Liberty House, London

Cloth House with  warm greeting from Jay

Gorgeous fabric collection at Cloth House

A base of stitching piece

Completed the stitching

Eucalyptus tree found in London

Bundled, steamed and results!

In West Wales we booked ourselves into Airbnb. A charming stone farmhouse cottage. Being low season we got the whole cottage for ourselves. We took daily excursions and visited small towns and villages along the west coast of Wales. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in Wales.  

Op-shop browsing awarded me with this beautiful
remnant of hand embroidered pieces. 

Stone farmhouse cottage

A typical house in Wales

Mwnt Church on Mwnt Beach

Typical Wales scenery 

A rainbow greeted us that day

A collage of Wales in my journal

A town scene completely hand knitted by member
of National Wool  Museum of West Wales

Hexies quilt using wool fabric

Woollen hand knitted tights at National
Wool Museum of West Wales

The last few days in London I met up with a few friends from Abu Dhabi days. It was lovely to get a chance to meet them again. I went to V&A Museum with Yasmin and saw Indian Fabric Exhibition. We really enjoyed it. Another day I went with Debbie to Harrods for high tea! Thanks ladies, you totally spoiled me, but I loved it!

We are now in Greece and having such a great time here with our cousins.  Will share the photos of Greece with you on my next post.

Until next time


Nifty Quilts said...

Thank you for taking us along on your travels. Great photos and journal pages!

susis quilts said...

dear nat,i am glad to hear from you again,hope the weather will be better when you arrive here,just now we have wind and rain, have a good time,until later,susi

baukje said...

Like Nifty said, it is like i as travelling with you......what a chance that eucalyptus tree and the results are lovely. I did some ecoprinting ten days ago with friends, for them it was the first time. We have an appointment to open the bundles next tuesday with a glass of wine, something to eat and lots of photos!!!!!!
Looking forward to more travel journeys

Terry said...

Wonderful trip I've been following along on instagram. Say Hi to Tom and enjoy the yet to come adventures?

Els said...


Penny said...

Feeling very jealous, sounds like a great trip.

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Oh Nat what a fabulous time you are having! Good on you for upkeep img your Journal and Sewing! I have been watching you on Insta and fb. Happy Traveks to you both!

Needled Mom said...

London and Wales look wonderful, Nat. I can't believe you got to do some dying too!! It has been so much fun traveling along with you on this fantastic journey. I'm looking forward to Greece.

HeARTworks said...

Thanks for sharing! Love the town scene! patsy

Jillayne said...

Love the art you're doing on this trip - meant to say that in my previous comment... I'm lucky if I write, never mind create - you are so inspiring.
And how fortuitous that eucalyptus branch was there for you... much better than a lucky penny!

Unknown said...

It's a pleasure to be here. I like this. genting club

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