November 24, 2015


Berlin is a city full of history, culture and arts. We had a busy and interesting time in Berlin. We should have gone to Berlin ages ago, but for some reason we didn't! Mr Notjustnat knows a lot about Berlin so we hit all the famous places as soon as we arrived there. Having had our Airbnb apartment right in the heart of Berlin helps to get to everything in short walking distant. I'm glad we stayed in East Berlin which was very interesting. Of course there is no East and West Berlin any more, but I still enjoyed staying on the East instead of the West side of the city. 

Even though we are tourists, but we never felt we were typical tourists. We don't take tours and we find our own way everywhere. We don't speak German except hi, good morning, thank you and good bye. Many people speak English perfectly in Germany. People are so kind and helpful. Berlin has so many great galleries, museums, monuments and famous buildings. One thing I really wanted to see was the part of the Berlin wall that is still standing. I was lucky that there was the East Side Gallery which maintained a piece of the actual wall. Enjoy the following photos of Berlin.

Brandenburg Gate

Ampelmannchen, the little green man of Berlin

Historic District sign on the sidewalk

Jewish Memorial

Brandenburg Gate tributes to the Paris attacks

Berlin Buddy Bear

View of the  Berlin Dome from the river

Cobble stones all over Berlin

Collage from Berlinische Galerie

Tales from W. Turner, Fred Thieler 1962

Famouse painting of the kiss between
Brezhnev and Honecker at East Side Gallery

Flax Barn at Lalen 1887, Max Liebermann

The Garden Bench, Max Lieberman 1916

Heinrike Dannecker 1802

Wall hanging for the peace of Hubertusburg 1763

Snowman on my slow-cloth

We saw what we intended to see in Berlin excepted the Jewish museum. It was closed the day we went and we were too busy to get back there again. It means that we will have to return to Berlin again in the future!

I hope you are enjoying my "around the world in 80 days" posts. Thanks for leaving your comments. I really appreciated them. I'm continuing stitching my slow-cloth. I only have space left for a couple of more pieces. When I left Munich I picked up a couple of Christmas magazines so the idea came to include a Christmas piece. We are in NYC at the moment.  Will blog about that on the next post.

Until nest time


deanna7trees said...

i'm really enjoying reading about your travels and following you along on facebook and Instagram. thank you for sharing all that.

Susanne richter-antonijevic said...

dearnat and tom,so interesting to follow your journey hereon your blog,hope you are well,take care,susi

Needled Mom said...

Your trip has been so interesting so far. My SIL is from Germany and we have always thought a trip there should be in the works. My father loved visiting Germany, but that was when it was still divided. Enjoy the states!

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