January 12, 2018

First Post in 2018

Happy New Year all. I know that Holidays are done and dusted, but my holiday is finally about to start! Hope everyone had a relaxing and safe Holiday. Last year was the busiest year for me. Work, family and home life took most of my time. I did quite a bit on the creative front too. I only made few handmade gifts this year. I made up a few heart ornaments and one for myself to use as a brooch (see photos). 

Late in November I signed up for a textile art course online workshop with Sue Stone. I'm slowly working away on each module and loving it.

Then I finished Indigo Moon quilt and sent it away to get it machine quilted. I am looking forward to getting it back. I also finished another quilt top using blocks I made for a border of Indigo Moon quilt. I have enough blocks to make a throw sized quilt. I'm thrilled that I can use leftovers from one quilt to make another quilt. Does anyone do that? Then to wrap up 2017 leftover project, I finished piecing the heart blocks I did throughout the year, but it needed something to finish it off with. I used whatever fabric I had to piece the border for it. So, is this what they cal improv quilting? I am very pleased with myself and how it turned out.

Below are the photos of what I've mentioned above. 

Hand stitching Christmas tree as part
of my online workshop

Hearts using vintage quilt and blanket

I kelp this to use as brooch

Stitch samplers from module #1 online workshop

Sample from module #2.1

Sample for module 2.2

Playing with blocks from Indigo Moon quilt. I've also made up a few bunnies to applique around Indigo Moon quilt. I only made 4 bunnies. I don't want to waste them so I just randomly placed them in the quilt. I think I'm happy with that!

Leftover blocks

Quilt top with bunnies

Basting ready for hand quilting

Hand quilting has begun

The Love and Kisses quilt top

The most exciting project is my journal cover that I started sometime during the year. It's for our trip this January to Hong Kong and Japan. In Japan I will visit Toji Flea Market in Kyoto and the Tokyo International Quilt Festival. I have managed to combine the trip to visit both events. We will have a few extra days in Hiroshima as well. 

The travel journal front cover

Travel journal black cover

I will be posting on Instagram and Facebook. If you are my friends on Facebook please come along for a ride virtually! Some of my regular blog readers are not happy that I've been neglecting my blog lately. Living life in the fast lane can only fit so much in a day. IG and FB are must easier and faster to update than a blog format. Blogging is a journal for what I'm making. I like to print them out each year, but this year will be a very thin book!

Until next time


Irene Donovan said...

I would like to follow you on instagram, name please. Thanks

deanna7trees said...

So many beautiful things to see here. Absolutely love that journal and I too use leftover scraps from one project to start another. It is a fun challenge.

taiqi said...

I guess I am one of those people who love it when you blog. Thanks for starting the New Year off with a bang. Love your indigo quilt. I hope you will keep us posted on your trip. I see that many people are starting to blog again--more depth and much appreciated. Have a good trip.

Terry said...

Have a wonderful time on your trip. I too have done very little blogging this past year. You are so right about the ease of sharing on the other platforms and the story telling part of blogging takes much longer.
All the new quilts are so different and reflect the many facets of your creative life. Enjoy the rest of the month.

Jo said...

What a great idea to make a travel diary! Your cheerful cover already sets the tone...

Needled Mom said...

Your work is always so gorgeous. I love the travel diary and the hares on the blue are beautiful. Those hearts are always so pretty too.

RitaGri said...

Ļoti skaisti un interesanti darbi! Lai jauks ceļojums! Laba sagatavošanās ceļam ar tik skaistu ceļojuma dienasgrāmatu.

Meg Hopeful said...

I have just discovered your blog and know I could lose a day or three scrolling through all the loveliness you have made. So much inspiration! I am just learning how to stitch things. I like the idea of using naturally dyed fabrics to make a scarf. I have some scraps of fabric that I dyed a while ago at a workshop and I've had them sitting and waiting in a neat little pile for a long time trying to think what to do with them. I think I'll get them out today and see if there's enough to stitch a scarf. I love your journal cover too. Gorgeous! Meg

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