November 7, 2014

ANZAC Centenary and Other Celebrations

This year on November 11 is the Remembrance Day (ANZAC Centenary). The ANZAC countries celebrated with red poppies. Red poppies happen to be one of my favourite flowers too so I'm happy to join in and make a few out of felt and paper. Apart from celebrating the ANZAC Centenary I have included a few other celebrations on this post as well:

Melbourne Cup happens every year on the first Tuesday in November. Melbourne cup is the "race that stops the nation". The tradition for Melbourne cup day is wearing fancy hats. The hats have now getting fancy and fancier as the year goes by. 

First red poppy 

A pair of red poppies done!

Paper poppies for the hats

My 10 year old dress fitted perfectly
to the theme!

At the university where I work we put on a lovely party for Melbourne Cup. This year's theme is vintage floral. My colleague Ben and I went as duo wearing my ANZAC red poppy pins and more on our hats. And we won the best costums for the even! I wished I could posted our photo, but I hate posting photo of myself on the blog! 

Something else to celebrate here is the completion of my Tree-House Studio! When I said complete I mean it's the moving in stage. Mr Notjustnat and I have been working hard putting together the cabinets we got as kits. We finally finished and the bench top has been installed.


Ikea table supporters

The cabinets minus the bench top

Another celebration is my craft group's turning 8 anniversary! I started this craft group at work 8 years ago. We have had 4 exhibitions in that time. We only meet one hour a week during the lunch break. 

Craft group in session

Peter was hard at work

We use the conference room to meet and spread  our stuff. The group started with book binding which I have shown them. Then we moved on to do whatever people want to do, but Peter always works on book binding. We make special books/journals for members who leave retired. 

Graduation Day at Monash

The last and final celebration is graduation day for 2014 graduates at Monash University. I love being part of this celebration. I enjoy seeing the graduates in their gowns in the colours of their faculties. I love seeing the proud families and friends line-up for photograph. Working in the university library I have a big part in supporting these graduates with their study. You can't help but feeling proud of them as well.

Until next time

October 20, 2014

Minication and Creative Weekend Away

School holidays came and went. During the holidays DIL brought my DGC to visit. They visited and stayed with both her sisters who live in Victoria. The children had a chance to visit and played with their cousins while they were here. They stayed with us for almost a week which is a bonus for us. DH took a few days from work to spend time with them. I also took a few days off to take them shopping. Ziguzagu was a request from DIL and you know I would go there in a flash! 

When they left I went along with them to help with the long drive. The trip was fun with songs (children songs), I Spy game and paper crafts by DGD! We stopped many times for picnics, toilet stops etc. 

Read on to see what else I did while I was away for 4 days...

DGD got a bag of colour papers that her Aunty Kit Palaskas gave her for the road trip. DGD made all those little paper animals without scissors or glue. She tore the paper and used saliva as glue! 

Our first stop was at Grass Tree Walk. There was a short track we could walk around. There were so many beautiful Grass Trees Xanthorrhoea growing along the track.

Jugiong's Lake

An old pub at Jugiong

Rusting objects found at Jugiong

Next stop was at Jugiong Village. We needed petrol so we had to side track anywhere we could. Jugiong Village is a charming little place by a lake. I took some photographs while we were there.

Canberra Farmer's Market

Cosmorex Coffee ACT

We arrived at Canberra around 8 pm. We did good time in spite of the many stops we made along the way. Next morning was Saturday and DIL and I went to the famous Canberra Farmer's Market where I had a delicious Chai from  Real Chai. I needed more Chai to bring home as well.

Cherry Ballart bush

Various leaves

My DIL and I were excited to play dyeing together in their unisex shed! The shed was completed recently and they loved to see me use it while I'm there. It has running water, a cooker and all the equipment for dyeing. I got DIL trained well, haven't I? 

Cherry Ballart leaves soaking in pot

Jars were stuffed ready to steam

Steamer was packed with jars

Some Shibori using rusted nails

Shibori opened after only a few hours

Prunus and Eucalyptus leaves

Various Eucalyptus leaves

Eucalyptus Sideroxylon on wool

Round leaves Eucalyptus and Prunus

Shibori using Madder roots

A subtle result 

Various leaves on linen

I was due to return home Sunday afternoon so it was time to open our jars and get excited together! We had amazing results after only an overnight wait!

Time to board! It was the smallest plane
I've been on!

Complete picture of the Tree-House Studio
with apricot tree full of leaves

I have been back home for a week now. I had a full week back at work and the weekend was full with things I needed to do for the Tree-House Studio. I finally got the business of the cabinets sorted. We are getting flat-pack cabinets and we will assemble them ourselves. After installing Ikea wardrobes we can now do anything. The thing now is to find time to do this. The bench-top that will cover the cabinets will take up to 3 weeks to come, so I hope we can get all the cabinets installed in 3 weeks. 

Summer has fully set in here. Warm days and cool nights and a little rain in between. 

Until next time

October 9, 2014

Geelong Fibre Forum 2014

Whoa, another month has flown by so fast. Also Christmas is less than 3 months away! Where has 2014 gone? I hardly did anything that I hadn't already blogged about this last couple of weeks. Yet, I feel as busy as ever. Of course I work on the Tree-House Studio as much as I can. This week the blinds I ordered will be installed. I'm still waiting for the cabinet maker to complete his job we ordered. After the blinds are installed I can slowly move in and put some decorations on the walls. I don't want to move in until then. Our Australian sun is very bright and strong. It is damaging to the colour on the fabric with direct sunlight.

Last weekend I went to Geelong Fibre Forum open day. I try to go there every year if I don't have anything else on that weekend. The Geelong Fibre Forum runs for a full week. The last day of the event is an open day for the public to visit and view the works that have been done during one week of residency. Over the years the theme has changed according to the trend in textiles at the time. For the few years eco-prints and natural dye have been dominating the forum.

Below are works of students that attended Pam Hovel's workshop entitled "Raw Edge":

Some results from felt and dyed workshop

The display is very attractive 

Eucalyptus leaves were used here

Some buttons were dyed with here too

More dyeing from this workshop

Felted garments dyed afterwards

The workshop that attracted my attention was Human Marks by Dorothy Caldwell. It combines dyeing, stitching and bookbinding into the same workshop. They are all the things I love.

Works from the week workshop in
Dorothy Caldwell's workshop

Gorgeous pieces of original stitching

Another workshop Experiments in printing with mordants by Julie Ryder, textile designer from Canberra. It looks very interesting. I wished I was in that workshop.

Some interesting from the workshop

Indigo dye was used on some pieces

Some exciting printing out of this workshop

Art to wear also found at the forum

The open day ends at midday when all the exhibits were taken down. We got there early in order to view as many exhibits as possible. We prepared a picnic basket to share by the seaside which is less than 5 minutes drive from the forum. The weather was perfect this year, unlike other years where we had picnic under umbrellas or inside the car. I couldn't believe our luck for good weather to be so kind to us this year! 

Well that's all for today. Do visit me on Instagram to see my daily photos. I see that more and more of my blogger friends are joining Instagram lately. 

Until next time

September 24, 2014

Spring 2014

Yes spring has arrived! This week the temperature ranges from 20-26'C. I love this time of year when the sky is blue and temperature is in the 20s. Our apricot and plum trees are full of spring blossoms which is gorgeous. I can see them out my Tree-House studio's windows this year. I'm so loving it!

These last couple of weeks I did a little bit of stitching and more of dyeing. I'm loving my slow and small achievement. I surprised myself when I have a look at my photos on this post! I did do quite a few small things in the last few weeks.

I found these vintage farm Kasuri Monpe work pants in an old cotton yukata at Kazari/Ziguzagu a few months ago. It was in good condition except the edges of both legs are raged and torn. I had them sitting around to decide what to do with them. I decided to patch them with some vintage and indigo dyed fabric. 

Started stitching down the first patch of indigo moon. Very happy and motivated to carry on ever so slowly. I like how it looks! 

Finished the journal cover for my dye samples. I prepared the samples from the natural dye workshop I did with Ilka White a few weeks ago. Will get around to putting them in the journal in good time!

I did another small batch of jar dyeing last week. What I did was bundle one or two jars at the time and leave them on the window sill to soak in solar energy! When I have enough to fill the sauce pan I then steam them together. There are a couple of jars of coffee dyed in this batch too.

Spring brings out lots of yellow flowers including Oxalis.  I tried dyeing with Oxalis a few years ago and just loved the rich yellow colour from them.

Green is not easy to get from an ecoprint. I have used the same type of Eucalyptus leaves before, but didn't get the green I got from them this time. It must be something in the water!

This was the second times I dyed with coffee. To make coffee dye more effective I use the Shibori technique.  I used rusty nails left by the builder from my studio. I didn't expect to get the result I got from the rust and coffee. I used recycled ground coffee!

I visited Kazari/Ziguzagu last weekend to get more silk for dyeing. That place is amazing. I can spend all day there and still not see everything. 

I couldn't resist taking a few shots of the collections. I seem to see more interesting fabric from the photos than when I was actually there.

Below are some shots of the Tree-House studio. I will only add some captions on each photo:

I finished vanishing the railings of the

Both Ikea double wardrobes are now done

A bench to be put in the Tree-House studio.
There is a backrest for it too.

I posted about the rainbow beads necklace once before here. I love mine and feel proud every time I wear it. I love how it was created. Each bead was carefully hand crafted by a talented young couple Ellie and Sam of Deadwood Creative. I got the second one for a gift. I'm sure it will be well received!

I'm waiting for the blinds to get installed before I move into the Tree-House studio. I hope to start moving the fabric to the new wardrobes next weekend. I'm really excited to see what I have stashed away and hope that I will fit everything in! I have thought that when you are working full time you have time to shop, but don't have a lot of time to use what you buy. What do you think? In the end you end up with more supplies than you need :(  

Until next time